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Originally Posted by RapboY View Post

Hey guys! Here's my Build with 550D. Not the best looking, but it's ok. kinda had some trouble here and there, but finally finished it in about 4 hours of work lol.
Personally, I don't like the texture of the case. I'll probably like it more as the days go by, but it just wasn't what I was expecting from the pictures. Front door looks and feels really nice though.
I was thinking about doing james888's airflow he showed in his post https://www.overclock.net/t/1256647/corsair-550d-owners-club/40#post_17550765, but maybe leave the top panel open. I have an extra
I get good temps. I keep that fan placement but keep switching the fans around. I think I got this down now. My goal was positive airflow but I seem to not be getting good enough exhaust. So I moved my loudest but most cfm fan to the back exhaust. I have it tamed with a fan controller but I can turn the airflow up and drop 5c on everything. The reason I keep the top on is because I can hear my computer if it is.

This video here show corsiar optimized airflow for our 550d's. You don't have to use these corsair fans. Just copy the specs and the placement. If you wanted to use the side panel and the bottom fan I would have them set as intakes with the quietest high airflow fan you can fine, or high airflow with a fan controller.
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