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Originally Posted by JunkoXan View Post

OC maybe unstable if it's doing that..

The unstableness only occurs when on idle overclocked:

GPU Core: 300Mhz
GPU Memory Clock: 150Mhz
VDDC: 0.900 V

Strange I restarted my PC with no oc and the voltage is 0.825V standard on idle. So the issue only occurs on different voltages, like 0.900 V...

One other thing overclocked in CCC max 1300Mhz memory clock and core 1100Mhz the voltage returns to 0.825V after exiting a game. So is the issue Afterburner or that I go above the limit 1300Mhz which I can do in Afterburner even if I have the same clocks in Afterburner as I had in CCC < I found the override box in GPU Tweak so I'm going to try with that one now instead of Afterburner...

The issue seems to come with Afterburner, as Afterburner raises the idle Voltage to 0.950 on idle. I don't know if I can manage the idle and load voltages another way? Or how I can try with Asus GPU Tweak to see how it handles it. The only problem with GPU Tweak is that it too is limited to 1300Mhz.

is to use Asus GPU Tweak, works flawlessly.

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