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Regarding SMART - that's true, but there's another aspect. When HWiNFO asks the drive for its temperature via its controller's driver, the driver might perform several operations depending on how it's written. So some drivers might add even more performance drops to the entire system. For example, certain versions of Intel RST drivers were know to cause considerable performance impact when asking them for the SMART status.

Yes, the FPS counter is provided by the RTSS itself when enabled. If you don't see this counter then it might be a line issue. To explain this better - HWiNFO just publishes data into a certain slot for RTSS. The FPS counter is in a different slot and this entire information is then displayed by the RTSS. Maybe try to upgrade to the latest version of RTSS or try different line settings in HWiNFO.
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The SMART comes from the hard drives, so constantly checking the "health" of the drives may put a small load on them and decrease performance slightly and unnecessarily. At least that was pretty much what I had read last time I was at the HWinfo forums.
Basically it should be an unnoticeable impact on performance to read most of the sensors.
Hmm so FPS counter should actually work with Afterburner and the RTSS server running? It didn't seem to when I was setting it up before. It was more like an either or scenario. I couldn't pull any data setup in Afterburner, after I had configured and run HWinfo. Not sure if it was a "line" issue or maybe something else. I'm fairly certain I had it set up right in Afterburner itself. Might need to check it again and/or update to another version of AB.

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