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Originally Posted by james8 View Post

this should be stickied somewhere. also, the pictures should have labels on them as right now, i can't tell which is which

Check the list of stickies for the PC games section, it's up there. smile.gif

The default image viewer that opens when you left click on an image doesn't display the image's filename. Until I find a better solution you can open the images in new tabs to see the filenames and optionally download them from there.

Originally Posted by Ryleh View Post

Fantastic post! Definitely bookmarking this for future reference and to share with others. I've been out of the loop for a while so I hadn't heard of any of the more recent derivatives.

Edit: You should consider uploading a .zip of all of the pictures for easier comparison.

I like that suggestion! Unfortunately I ran into the size limit for zip files so I will have to find an alternative uploading solution. More screenshots from other games and configurations are coming soon.

Originally Posted by Derko1 View Post

Wow this is great!
So if I were to want to use sweetfx... how would I be able to get it to work with say Skyrim, while I have an ENB that has it's own d3d9.dll already?

Yes, It is possible to do that by using the proxy dll feature of ENB. There are a handful of hybrid ENB+FXAA mods for Skyrim such as this one. Notice how d3d9.dll has been renamed to d3d9_fx.dll. You could probably get SweetFX+ENB working by replacing the Inject FXAA files (including the renamed dll) with SweetFX's files.

Originally Posted by psyside View Post

I cant make none of this work, the games just don't start. And yes i put the files in the folder where game exe is located.

Which game are you trying to get it to work on? Sometimes you may have to disable the game's built-in AA and any AA forced through your driver CP to get the AA injectors to work (Dow 2: Retribution is one such example).

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