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Originally Posted by xbournex View Post

The argument about Prodigy does not need to be started again. Most people in the thread have agreed with what I've been saying. Prodigy is not a SFF. A case can be ITX, but not SFF. We called it a compact case, without compromise.
I would kind of disagree with this, because I think it's selling the case short a little bit.
I don't think all of that criticism was necessarily for the case itself but for the misuse of it.
There are some really epic Prodigy builds on this forum that are totally SFF.
SFF in the same way that miahallen's build in the SG05 amaze me, but for instance, if everyone were to start purchasing SG05's and putting one H61 board and a hard-drive in it, I don't think I would like that very much, and the SG05 is like, one of my favorite cases...

Originally Posted by armourcore9brker View Post

I guess if you want to make an official SFF club, that's ok. I can't say that I agree with this move though.
All it does is further fracture the small community we have now. This is like having a public playground we all enjoy. Then a new kid comes on the block and starts coming in. So we go build our own playground and make a sign specifically keeping out the new kid and even some kids that played on the previous playground.
If it'll make people happy, I guess it is a good thing. Seems like it will just cause more confusion and conflict though.
I agree with this statement.

I don't think that any size constraints should be placed on any formation of a club in here.
I do think that the SFF thread we have going could use some major organization in the OP.
Now that Dyson Poindexter is posting again, perhaps he could assist us with that.

Should there be an actual "SFF Club", I believe the only stipulation to be met in joining the club would be that the build(s) follow, roughly, guidelines for the spirit of SFF computing.
A sift through our existing thread may lend some insight into what most would regard as this idea.

However, the mass amount of argumentation present in that thread seems to have ceased.
There are people posting builds there again, and discussion has started to boot up.
I don't think a discrete 'members only' club is necessary for this community to thrive, neither would it be the entirely correct way to go about things.
This is where my views align with armour's.

Should there be a club formed, I believe it's only purpose should be for organization, documentation, discussion, and ease of use.
The last thing this community needs is a fragment of it parading around like elitists. We need to recognize that we're all here because we have some form of appreciation for size:performance.
Hopefully, we can all reach consensus on where to take this.

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