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Originally Posted by stealthybox View Post

I would kind of disagree with this, because I think it's selling the case short a little bit.
I don't think all of that criticism was necessarily for the case itself but for the misuse of it.
There are some really epic Prodigy builds on this forum that are totally SFF.
SFF in the same way that miahallen's build in the SG05 amaze me, but for instance, if everyone were to start purchasing SG05's and putting one H61 board and a hard-drive in it, I don't think I would like that very much, and the SG05 is like, one of my favorite cases...

To build onto this, I would disagree in some way.
There's 2 main different "definitions" of SFF

1. As in OP's definition: http://www.formfactors.org/developer%5Cspecs%5CuATX_SFF_Case_Study_Rev1_0.pdf
2. "My case, its form factor (FF's as in ATX, EATX, ITX) is 'small' " - which leads to people to classifiy a small case as "Small form factor"

I have no problem saying that our case is classified in the #2 definition. It's our smallest case. But for people who are in category one (the point of this club), this is not the "case" /pun

Comparing it in the "Beastly matx/itx" club, I would classify it (prodigy) in category 2. The reason for the huge uproar in that thread was the people who believed in category 1.

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