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[Build Log] DROCK - 900D | Haswell i7 | EK CSQ liquid cooling | First Build

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Just one more upgrade...

Hello all and welcome to my first build log. I've built many computers over the past few years but nothing this powerful, big, or expensive. What started out as a want for a simple upgrade to three monitors has turned into a complete overhaul of my entire setup. This will also be my first liquid cooling build and I am going to attempt to go full acrylic tubing. Being that this is a lot of firsts for me, I will warn you now, this is not going to be an overnight build. My goal is to have the entire setup finalized and done in under two months, but with any learning process there are always delays and set backs. I'm almost finished purchasing all my components, and am still in the planning phase for my liquid cooling setup. I plan on starting with the CPU loop first and then moving to the VGA loop after that. (This is the reason I have separated them below). I will do my best to answer any questions, and post a good amount of pictures, for anyone who is interested. I probably read through a few dozen other build logs, which is what inspired me to do my own in the first place, so I feel I should pay it forward, and hopefully inspire someone else to do the same. I want to make sure credit is given where due, so I will mention that a big inspiration for me to do this came from reading Jameswalt1's build log. So if you're here for the ride, its good to have you, I will need all the help I can get. Lets get started.

{Edit - I've decided to break up my build log over these first 4 posts instead of spread out over the entire forum post. So I will update them by editing them and then adding a response stating that there is an update. This way if the log does get to be large you all won't have to sift through pages to find different things.}


Planning Phase

I tend to be the kind of person that needs to have everything planned out, and written down before I can start a project. I like to see where I am going and what I'm getting into, because once I dive head first into something, I tend to not leave it till its 100% perfect and done. So far with everything that I will be purchasing/upgrading, I am looking at spending around $5500 - $6000. (I will update this first post at the very end with a more exact amount on everything). Now this amount does include items that I had in the past and plan on still using (which isn't much), but also counts for items from my last build that I have sold to put towards this one, so I feel like it will equal out. With a build like this, every penny counts!

This is the first "blueprint" persay, that I drew up, to get me started on the right path:

PC Components:

[X] CPU: Intel i7-4770k Haswell - Overclocked to 4.4MHz
[X] Motherboard: Asus Maximus VI Hero
[X] Video Cards: Dual EVGA GTX 670 4GB FTW+ in SLI
[X] RAM: GSkill 2133 MHz 16gb
[X] Os SSD: Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB
[X] Storage HHD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB
[X] PSU: Cooler Master V1000
[X] Case: Corsair Obsidian Series 900D
[X] Radiator Fans: Corsair SP120 Performance Edition x7
[X] Case Fans: Corsair AF120 Performance Edition x8
[X] Os: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Liquid Cooling Components:

CPU Loop:
[X] Pump: Swiftech MCP35x
[X] Pump Top: EK DDC X-Top CSQ
[X] Reservoir: EK RES X3 150
[X] CPU Block: EK Supremacy
[X] Top Radiator: EK CoolStream 360 XT
[X] Tubing: PrimoFlex 3/8 x 5/8 Clear
[X] Fittings: EK-CSQ 10/16mm | EK-CSQ 90° | EK-CSQ 45° - All Nickel
[X] Coolant: EK Koolant - UV Blue

VGA Loop:
[X] Pump: Swiftech MCP35x
[X] Pump Top: EK DDC X-Top CSQ
[X] Reservoir: EK RES X3 150
[X] VGA Blocks: EK GeForce 680 GTX+ VGA Block x2
[X] VGA Backplates: EK GeForce 680 GTX VGA Backplate x2
[X] Bottom Radiator: EK CoolStream 480 XT
[X] Tubing: PrimoFlex 3/8 x 5/8 Clear
[X] Fittings: EK-CSQ 10/16mm | EK-CSQ 90° | EK-CSQ 45° - All Nickel
[X] Coolant: EK Koolant - UV Blue

Other Components:
[X] Monitors: **Triple Samsung 23" LED 1080p
[X] Mounting: Mount It! LED wall mounts
[X] Speakers: Bose Companion 3 Series ii
[X] Headset: Logitech G930 7.1 Surround
[X] Joystick: Mad Catz F.L.Y.5
[X] Keyboard: Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5
[X] Mouse:Mad Catz R.A.T. 5
[X] Mouse Pad: ROCCAT Sota - Granular
[X] Mouse Cable Management: ROCCAT Apuri
[ ] Lighting: ((Still to be Decided))

** = Item(s) From Last Build


Pre-Building Phase

So before I decided to start this new project, and before I decided to do my first build log I did some "pre-work" on my setup. I have a few pictures so I would like to include that now, as I did do quite a bit of work on them.

When I made the decision to upgrade to a third monitor I also made the decision that I would want to mount the monitors on the wall. Not only to save space on a desk, as three monitors can take up a lot of room, but I wanted to create a "floating" look with them for aesthetic purposes. But with this decision came an immediate problem: the two monitors that I had did not have the ability to be wall mounted. So I either try to sell the 2, and buy 3 others, or buy a third and figure out a solution to the mounting issue.

After a bit of tinkering I figured out how to get the housing off the monitor, and decided to take the path of keeping the monitors, getting a third, and mounting them to the wall. The process was actually quite easy: I just popped the back off, matched the mount up to it, drilled the holes, and secured it on with a bolt/washer/nut setup. I wish I had more pictures on the process, but like I said unfortunately I wasn't thinking of this post when i was doing them. Here is the outcome though:

Ignore the ridiculous keyboard and mouse (pad), they treated me well for so long I had no reason to get rid of them. However they should be replaced with the next shipment that comes in. Also I haven't quite figured out the cable management on the monitors yet, but by the time this build is over I should have that all cleaned up.
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Component Building Phase

I almost felt bad for the UPS guy today. I'm not sure if he was new, or hasn't delivered a lot of new builds to people, but the look on his face as he brought box after box to my front door from his truck was priceless. Unfortunately, not all my packages made it today and will have to be delivered tomorrow. When I told him that only about half had arrived, I think at first he thought I was kidding, because he kinda said goodbye and started to walk off, but we got everything situated and the rest will be here tomorrow.

Lucky for me, all my components came in today so I was able to start my build.
I'm assuming it was probably the way that I ordered everything.

I feel that you can have really nice components, but if you stick them in a crappy case, it makes your entire build look like crap. That being said I had to go with the brand new Corsair 900D. I wont post a million photos of it, as if you are looking for that, there are a ton on the web, but I will post these for those who might not have seen it yet to get a feeling for how big it is.

In a word: WOW. This is the biggest case that I have ever seen. The cable management on this looks amazing, and there is so much room inside it would be a shame to not try to fill it with as many things as you possibly can. Which is exactly what I plan on doing.

After playing around with some configurations for about an hour or so, I feel that I have come up with one that I really like. Of course this might change when I start my Liquid Cooling Phase, but for now this will work. I decided to use the hot swap able bay that comes included to mount my SDD/HDD as i don't plan on using the hot swap able feature, and they have a good cable management built in the back.

I will be going with a Black/Blue theme with White/silver accents. As of right now everything in the case is FUNCTION only and doesn't necessarily fit the theme as I still do not have all my components and am using old components. I intend to have everything that does not match my theme to either be swapped out/painted/sleeved to match. This includes the PSU cables / Motherboard / fans and anything else that comes along the way. Believe me I am a perfectionist and will make sure everything is 100% perfect before I am done. I have a few friends with some cool metal working/painting professional equipment, so I am hoping to have some pretty cool custom items going in this build.

LoL @ the stock cooler on the CPU

I saw a lot of people on other builds asking for cable management pictures so here is one also. I am no where near finished with it, but you can at least get a feel for how it works on this case.

One "change" persay that I have made, was the 5.25" bays. I absolutely love the look of the front of this case and didn't want to ruin it with devices, that for the most part, don't get used. So I decided to mount my optical drive and Fan controller backwards in the unit. Not only is it very rare that I use either of these, but in the off chance that I want to I still have the option. Plus with how I am placing it in accordance to my desk, I can see the fan controller better from here. With the quick release side panel its just as quick to access these if needed. I was going to get rid of the optical drive all together, but my girlfriend uses the computer about once a month to burn a CD, so for now it stays.


It's such a great feeling, when doing a new build, for everything to work the first time, on the first startup. I hope that stays a consistent theme throughout this build.
Installed Windows, Steam and a few other programs, and am going to let steam re-download all my games through the night.

Update: 9/9

With the rest of my fans here and the splitters for them, i threw them in really quick. Here's a few pictures of the semi final product: ( I plan on heat sleeving them together for a sleeker look, but want to wait until im sure on the positioning. )

Update: 11/5

Just wanted to throw a quick update here also as i went through and upgraded my power supply and then sleeved the cables individually:

Update: 11/6

Small update! My Ram finally made it in. So glad to get rid of the red. The jump from 1600 to 2133 was nice too!


Other Components

Hello All, sorry for the delay its been a busy weekend so far. It's time for another update!

So on Friday I got my 2nd set of packages. Still a few missing fans from this one but being that this was pretty much better then any Christmas morning I've had, I really couldn't be too upset.

Look at all them toys!

I was tempted to do a boxing on each one of these items but my friend made a good point that there are a ton of those already on YouTube if that's what people are looking for. However, I have started a Pro's and Con's list that I will share with you all shortly. Basically a little review I've started that might help some of you on your decision when purchasing any of these products.

Getting everything setup and put where I want them took a little bit of time, but once I did I can't tell you how happy I am with everything. I've never had a decent setup when it comes to peripherals either so all of this has been awesome. Here's a few pics of my new setup:

Pictures really don't do the setup justice but they will have to do.

Not a huge update today, I'm hoping my next one will be all my liquid components for my first loop, as I am almost finished picking out and reviewing the ones that I want. Thanks for the Subs and will see you all soon!
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Liquid Cooling Building Phase

Big Update: 9/9

Sorry for the delay all, work has been quite tiresome lately and when get done with work i want to just kick back and play some Saints Row or the new FFXIV that just came out. But there has been progress! A lot of my liquid cooling parts have come in and I have started to, slowly but surely, get everything in and start situating where I want everything to go.

I've decided to go with a "staggered" look on the reservoirs not only for looks but its going to be so much more functional in the long run.

Update: 9/28/13

So I've started my first loop! No Acrylic just yet, I might take a different approach, not sure just yet.

Here are some of the first pictures of me bleeding the loop and testing everything out. No where near finished, but here is where im at!

I dont have a lot of time to post, wanna start testing some things out. Will post more updates tomorrow!

11/5/13 - VGA Loop

So I've made a ton of head way on the 2nd loop, getting everything situated and configured.

After a lot of tinkering, moving lines around, and adding/removing some fittings its starting to come out quite nicely.

Here is my first go at the loop:

And then after some tinkering, the final loop:

More to come!
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Final Computer Setup

So it has been a few months now and I am almost finished with my first major build. For any of you reading this who can remember back on your first build I'm sure you can appreciate all the time that goes into one of these, and all the stuff that you learn.

Here is a few pictures of the semi final build, I will post a lot more once i get a decent camera to take them with, and also I still need to get the lighting situated (I could use any help or advice on this one!) I also still have some major cable management I'm going to do with zip ties and such, but wanted to wait until I'm completely finished.

The lines are the same color, but i have been having some problems bleeding the top radiator so the water is still a bit milky. I'm hoping to have that done also by the time i update final pictures as I'm kinda stuck on that.

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Subbed and great first post!!
That case is ginormous!!
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Nice subbed

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Hello All!

I'm not quite sure how the subbed part works, but with the fact that I plan on just editing my original posts I don't know if it notifies you guys so i figured I will post here also. I've made a large amount of headway into this project of mine. Lots of my components have come in and I still just need to order a few more. Ive updated both the sections above with a few things. I've also been playing a lot with acrylic this week, and for any of you guys that haven't done anything with it, let me tell you, bending acrylic is near impossible! haha. I will have a big update here soon, as I have some friends coming by this week/weekend to help me out with it. I'm hoping to have my first loop installed by this weekend at the latest.

If anyone has any suggestions on easier way to bend acrylic let me know. If I can't figure it out i might be forced to either go with more fittings, or traditional bendy tubing.

Thanks for the subs! I'll be updating more shortly smile.gif
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Is it easy and native to reverse mount the 5.25 inch bay devices?

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Originally Posted by Coxy347 View Post

Is it easy and native to reverse mount the 5.25 inch bay devices?

Hey Coxy, so sorry this has taken me so long to respond! I didn't even see this. Yes they are very easy to reverse them. IN fact they fit quite nicely with the hole line up and everything, I couldn't get all 4 screws in, but i could get 1 on each side which is plenty. I didnt, however, chose to stay with this. I just didnt like the extra inside, and realized i dont really use my optical drive anyways.

But for someone who does like this, or needs that drive, it works like a charm, and keeps the clean sleek look on the front of these 900D cases.

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