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View Poll Results: Who do you want to win MOTM?
ledzepp3 - D'yer Mak'er 5 2.10%
midnightgypsy - The Linden Project. 7 2.94%
Slider46 - Simply Green 25 10.50%
Boweezie - Red Velvet 21 8.82%
sadeter - Raspberry Pi Classic Arcade MAME Cabinet 16 6.72%
BruceB - a 20€ LAN PC 56 23.53%
fakeblood - NickelbLack 25 10.50%
XAslanX - Tribal Leo 10 4.20%
Stuntfly02 - "Little Italy" 6 2.52%
DreadManD - Illuminate 67 28.15%
Voters: 238. You may not vote on this poll

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OCN Mod of the Month June 2014 - CLOSED

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Welcome to OCN's Mod of the Month competition! This contest is open to all the members of Overclock.net; If you have a computer and you have taken time to make it awesome then you could win! Whether you are a pro case modder or a first time builder with a fresh idea, this contest is for you! For past contests and winners, or to make a suggestion for future contests, click here. Any posts flaming participants or bashing this competition will be reported and deleted. If you have comments about the competition, please see prior sentence about the other thread. Please keep it friendly, this is a place to see showcased builds by members here on the forums. So learn something, leave your comments in their build logs. This is a place for like-minded forum members to get together and see what this community has to offer.


This month is for the Amateur class of Modders and will be followed by the Professional and Sponsored classes next month, and the following month on a rotating basis.  To enter the Amateur class you cannot be sponsored or have taken home gold in a previous Mod of the Month contest. The winner will take home a $150 dollar prize!




Rules & Schedule (Click to show)

Contest Rules:

  • Competitors each month are selected by nomination
  • A member may nominate their own work at any time during the nomination period.
  • If a member wishes to decline a nomination they may and it will not prevent them from entering again in the future
  • If there are fewer than four nominations in any given month, those nominations will be rolled over to the next month's contest
  • A nomination post should contain the name of the project, the name of the member, and a link to the thread. Please do not post pictures of the mods in the nomination phase.


  • Any build log is eligible so long as it meets the following criteria:
  • It is posted by an Oveclock.net member
  • If there is question over who the credit for a build should go to, the build should not be considered eligible for nomination
  • In the event multiple members have worked on a project, the project should only be considered eligible if one of the members was clearly the primary contributor of both inspiration and work (this rule will be enforced by the honor of the members involved unless contested, in which case a staff member will consider the issue and post a decision)
  • It is not posted on any other forums. If the project is posted on another forum, the log must link back to the OCN thread.
  • Sponsored projects can only compete in the the sponsored class.
  • The mod is either in progress or recently completed
  • If the mod is in progress, it must be substantially on its way to completion; meaning that voters must be able to gain a solid impression of the quality and aesthetic of the final product from the current state of the project
  • There has been a new update to the build log within 3 months of the opening of nominations
  • The build has not been entered in more than one previous MOTM


  • The winner will be selected by popular vote
  • The eligible nominations will be put into a poll for other members to vote on
  • It is up to each voter to determine what criteria they feel the nominees should be judged by, so long as they feel the one they select is the best.
  • You must be a member of the site before the start of voting to vote. Any votes by members who joined after the start of voting will be removed from the poll.


  • The prizes include:
  • $150 (USD) via PayPal to the first place winner for the Amateur Class
  • $250 (USD) via PayPal to the first place winner for the Professional Class
  • $250 (USD) via PayPal to the first place winner for the Sponsored Class
  • A Mod of the Month badge for first place that links to the winning build log below each of the winner's posts
  • Having the winning build log featured on the carousel on the site's home page for one month

Contest Schedule:

  • Nominations open on the first day of the month
  • Nominations close on the 22nd of each month
  • Three days are allotted to compile the list of nominations and verify their eligibility. Nominees must respond to my PM within this time or they automatically decline nomination for that month.
  • Poll is posted on the 25th of each month with a duration of 7 days
  • Classes will rotate on a monthly basis. Amateur, Professional and Sponsored.
  • Winners of previous MOTM contests are only eligible the Professional or Sponsored class.



The June Nominees





ledzepp3 - D'yer Mak'er

This was the first truly custom build I’ve ever undertaken, and I think it’s come out decently for an impatient kid with a small work space. Keeping a neutral color scheme was vital, focusing on the red highlights of the Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard, and the nickel on the EK water blocks- emphasized with white lighting. I took inspiration from a lot of builds on OCN with the bent tubing, but mixing it with straight lines was a first that I’ve seen. I hope everyone who’s seen my confusing log enjoyed it plus the side conversations about cars!
ledzepp3 - D'yer Mak'er (Click to show)







midnightgypsy - The Linden Project.

This is a scratch case tribute build to my father's passing. Designed by myself with a straight line simplicty in mind using a few hand tools and a grinder. The case is built out of 1/4 and 1/8 clear acrylic and glued together using Weld-on # 16. Some of the mods include, anneal wire cable sewing with black paracord, a custom S.L.I. bridge and pump cover, painted satin black mother board and ram. I hope you all enjoy this first time modder... Russ
midnightgypsy - The Linden Project. (Click to show)








Slider46 - Simply Green

I figured it was finally time to start a new build from scratch. I got a little inspiration from another OCN build log and wanted to do a rigid tube liquid cooling loop with a pastel coolant. Aside from the hours spent on planning and executing the tubing runs, I spent a lot of time trying to make everything look right color-wise. I cut and bent a green acrylic sheet for a simple PSU shroud, sleeved cables in paracord, painted the PCI covers and SSD trays to match the theme, polished acrylic so the pastel coolant would show through and found the perfect green & black motherboard to tie it all together. To finish it off I went with simple interior LED lighting to showcase everything.
Slider46 - Simply Green (Click to show)










Boweezie - Red Velvet

The Red Velvet 800D. Simply put, a yearlong adventure that led me to build this truly one of a kind custom gaming rig. The goal of this build was to go big or go home, and I believe I accomplished what I set out to do. With this being my first real modded PC, I wanted to customize every aspect of this tower that I could. Everything from the paint, acrylic piping, sleeving, radiator fitting, dremeling, has been painstakingly done by myself who had no real experience before I began this project. Even with so many roadblocks that came in the way, I am still very pleased of the outcome. Enjoy!


Boweezie - Red Velvet (Click to show)





sadeter - Raspberry Pi Classic Arcade MAME Cabinet

I custom built this classic-themed arcade cabinet for my Dad for his 50th birthday. The electronics are built around a over-cooled and overclocked Raspberry Pi, and a MiniPac keyboard encoder to wire the arcade controls into. The split-level control panel was cut from scratch and designed to maximize play for as many different games as possible while still being comfortable and looking good. I designed all of the vinyl artwork on the outside of the cabinet myself to reflect my Dad's favorite arcade games. This build is definitely something out of the norm, but I hope others can appreciate it just the same. 
sadeter - Raspberry Pi Classic Arcade MAME Cabinet (Click to show)










BruceB - a 20€ LAN PC

This build started with a Budget of 20€ and whatever I had laying around my flat, I got the original case out of a dumpster and most of the parts from eBay. The plan was simple: make a small, cheap LAN PC. This is the result of 20€, 100+ hours of work and lots of help from the OCN community. thumb.gif



fakeblood - NickelbLack

The reason for the rebuild is I was very tempted to get myself a caselabs SMA8, however it was going to cost well over 1k NZD which is far too expensive for a case imo. So Ive decided to mod my trusty TJ07 to be the next best thing.

Mods include :
480 Rad up top
black gloss midplate and mobo tray
custom length cables and sleeving
Nickel and Black theme
fakeblood - NickelbLack (Click to show)






XAslanX - Tribal Leo

This case mod is a tribute to the old school way of actual case mods with a strict budget. By taking an old ugly beige case and turning it into something beautiful and useful. This involved a lot of hard work removing the factory powder coat down to bare metal so the new paint has something to properly cure to, to prevent chipping. Even the stencils were hand cut then pin stripe outlined by hand. No power tools of any sort were used in this project as I did everything by hand just as my inspiration for this project, Syrillian did in his awe inspiring mods. So I hope you enjoy the log and like what you see.
XAslanX - Tribal Leo (Click to show)





Stuntfly02 - "Little Italy"

 With this build I wanted to do something a bit different. We have all seen SFF/mITX builds before. And while some have been very nice, I haven't noticed many that do a full themed build with many modifications until recently. So, I decided that I would try my hand at a full PC mod. Being that I am Italian and I was working on a small machine the name "Little Italy" just seemed to be the only option I could come up with. So my plan was to show off my heritage as well as cram as much into a small case as I could. Major modifications include: Removed areas for windows on both sides of case cover, relocated front fan mount 1/2" forward in case, full custom paint job and cables sleeved to match the theme. Work is obviously not finished but I hope to have all my parts the end of the month. Please check the workflow links at the bottom of the first post in my build log. It should give a good idea of how I have dealt with certain aspects of the build and all the ideas I have had.
Stuntfly02 - "Little Italy" (Click to show)






DreadManD - Illuminate

"I've been in the IT field professionally for 12 yrs now. This is my first major outing into building a proper water-cooled system. I wanted to add something a little extra to my build. And what started out as a little upgrade turned into Illuminate. I experimented with acrylic, created mounting brackets and openings, reconfigured the layout to accommodate my changes and even voided some warranties. This is the product from inspiration I got from many members builds I've seen on here. I only hope I can do the same and inspire others as well."
DreadManD - Illuminate (Click to show)




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Amateur* ;)

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Originally Posted by twerk View Post

Amateur* ;)


You got me :D

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Count me in also..... Russ

I'm proud to be from the Tim Allen/MacGyver generation thumb.gif
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Good stuff guys! Keep them rolling :)

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ttt smile.gif

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Would like to nominate my own mod:


I don't reply to trolls.

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Originally Posted by Syrillian go_quote.gif


Well done you zombie stompin', Best Buy dissin' Lion Man!


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Self nom with my NickelbLack build. Will ensure its 100% complete by time voting starts

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