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[Build Log] [Beige modders Club Entry] AMD s939 Lean Mean Green Machine **COMPLETE**

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AMD s939 LVL 99+
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My official Beige Modders Club entry biggrin.gif
OCN - BeigeModders Club - From Trash to Treasure

This mod / build is COMPLETE!

So ugly, ha ha...

Lean Mean Green Machine

AMD s939 Dual-core Athlon64 4400+ @2.4Ghz
2GB Corsair XMS Platinum CL2 @200Mhz
DFI Infinity nF4 Ultra, soft modded (VRM heatsinks permanently installed with Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive) thumb.gif
BFG nVidia 7900GT 256MB PCI-E
Corsair TX650 PSU
Seagate 250GB sata HDD (maybe a WD)
Generic IDE DVD-rom

Case Mods

*Front 80mm fan location converted to 120mm intake
*Inside painted black
*Outside top, bottom, both sides and front panel all painted mint green. Drives and bay covers all black.
*Green LED fan in front. Limitations of the case seem to be only front intake and PSU exhaust.
*Side panel window. Black window molding. Window just large enough to view motherboard. MAYBE green CCFL edge lighting of the window??
*More mods as they are practical...


7 / 16 / 2014 (Click to show)

Let's Begin 7/16/2014

A look at the inside of case how I received it back from my friend. I was given this case with a socket A machine in it. Sold the combo, and gutted rest, besdies PSU and DVD-rom. Gave it to a friend of mine whos just let it sit in his garage for 6 months. Soon as I seen the Beigemodders Club, I knew I had to mod it. AND, since Im transitioning some old guts out of another s939 machine of mine for new, I figured I'd use the old 939 parts for the build. w00t

Antec PSU. 430w, 20a 12v rail. Too bad I don't think it works.

Wow, it actually has sata connectors. Surprised on the real...

Yup, it's how I do...

Looks good after wash.

Another shot of empty case. Looks nice, pretty sturdy. Oldschool feel.

Front panel, which is another tone of the tobacco stain.

All disassembled parts.

Both side panels are identical. Sweet, if I screw up one, I can use it as un-seen side, and try again on second panel. thumb.gif

Wow. Look at this NASTY PSU...

Man, how the hell did I let that stay that way when I got this case years ago...

Yup, all the way down it goes... whoop. mad.gif

Aw yeah, a LOT better after a wash in the bath... lol

All back together, BUT... Still doesn't work. At least the green to GND 24pin jump doesn't work.

Markings of the motherboard tray cutout I WAS going to do, but I think Im going to skip it. This case is just too small for a tower cooler, so I'd probably be limited to a socket bracket based cooler anyway.

7 / 17 / 2014 (Click to show)


I played around with the case and discovered the mobo tray actually slides out the back, kickass! biggrin.gif

Sizing front 120mm fan cutout.

Finished front 120mm markings. Should be easy. Dead center where it needs to be too.

Don't think a 120mm fan is going to fit here... BTW, this is the same mobo I plan to use, but this is a dead, half gutted one that was dead when I got it years ago. Perfect to do sizing and dimensional measurements with. thumb.gif

Don't think one will fit here either, lol

Nope. 3.5" bay goes here. Im hoping to try and squeeze a 80mm intake here. Im thinking to put the fan in the side panel, and then cut just enough of the mobo tray for the air from the fan to get in with no resistance. Its kind of a weird location for a fan, but I don't have many options. PSU exhaust will be enough in my mind. I want cooler air getting in, hotter air will squeeze out from anywhere it can. Relying the most on the PSU to keep it going... lol

The rear fan location is a weird 40 or 60mm size. If I were to occupy this space, I think a fan that small would be loud and not move much air. I'd rather reduce the sound for the trade of the slightly slower air flow.

Rear fan location. 60mm?? Marked for 80mm cutout. With being bent, it would be two screws on left, nothing on right. Fan would also be outside case to bridge gap that would be created from cutting.

Not really feeling a rear fan in this case.

Markings for my window mod. Looking at 11 3/4 x 9, with viewable area in the 10.5 x 8 range hopefully. Will be ordering a piece cut to exact dimensions.

LEDs in bottom and top of widow, or CCFL?

7 / 18 / 2014 (Click to show)


Here's the location of a second 120mm intake if i were to do it. Just too close to the 3.5" bay, AND would make me have to cut out the stock power and HDD LEDs spot, and I don't want to do that.

See the holes right under the 3.5" bays? Thats the power and HDD LED spot I was referring to.

Looks like my front 120mm fan can be mounted to case from outside, right in between front panel and case. w00t! Save a little room inside case, lol

Contemplating fan mounted outside case or inside for front panel? Man, I HAVE to cut this front panel anyway, so might as well keep fan as close to front as I can. That way the green LED action really stands out. Probably use my hex modder's mesh for the "grille."

Fan will still be mounted to steel chassis, BUT, will technically be outside the case, but still behind front panel. This way, front panel can still be taken off, without wiring. Same with my side panels. No fans so theres no hassling with wires when I take them off. Seems legit... biggrin.gif

Another shot of power and HDD LEDS in front of case, compared to their mounting position on the steel case. I really want to keep the red and green LEDs stock with the case for the aesthetics. The black and dark green paint, with the red and green LEDs, in my mind anyway, seems like a good idea.

Uh oh. 7" hole saw that's been through hell and back.

Fresh after cut.

Not bad fit... Measured 4.5" hole on saw a little small, have to precision sand it with my dremel.

Now it's gonna get fun. Remember eye protection.

Fresh after cut. Only used 3/4 of a disc.

Not bad either, just needs touched up.

Kinda blurry, but edge is ground smooth a little better. Going to be covered with window trim anyway so you cant get cut from fiddling inside the case. Also fan mounts tapped. Will be using rubber sound dampening mounts.

Front panel and chassis holes sanded and ground smooth, fan centered on mounting holes, and fits nice. Shot is at an angle, the fans circle hole matches both front panel and chassis pretty good. Window trim on both cut surfaces will help mask imperfections. smile.gif

Found my hex modder's mesh and cut a piece for the front panel fan grille.

Ugh, those little molded squares in the original case's design are hideous with that not so perfect cutout, and the hex mesh. Probably use a hobby putty to fill in, sealer to bond it permanently, and just paint right over it.

7 / 21 / 2014 (Click to show)


Got my acrylic, w00t w00t

Just finishing up window cutout.

I only had two discs left, and it ran me down to this... mad.gif

Side panel smoothed down a little, no burrs. Pretty good job, actually pretty straight cuts. I'm not known for good dremel work. Man, something about trying to do anything straight and smooth is just... zig zaggy. And what's with a no.2 pencil and white paint? I couldn't get the markings all off if I had to. headscratch.gif

Close up of acrylic next to window cutout. I have 1/2" mounting space around cutout. Have to be careful tapping the holes.

7 / 26 / 2014 (Click to show)


Got the chasis all taped off and ready for inside paint.

Heres all the supplies. Black Flat, Emerald Green Gloss, and two different clear coats for certain effects in and out.

I used a bumper repair bondo kit. Would've been just enough if I didn't noob the application and use WAY too much. Hey, I've never used bondo before at ALL.

Here it is after leveling my muscle sanding skill to over 9000!!!11!!!!1! lol, that stuff was STRONG.

Chassis painted black. Looks great! Yes, the old tree stump came in handy. You'd be surprised how many bugs are attracted to dying in a paint bath. Couldn't tell you how many flies flew into my paint, how many ants walked right into it. The dust in the air landing on it. UUUGGGHHH. mad.gif

Another angle of chassis. These are only first coats.

Mobo tray getting the goods.

Both finished after 2 coats each, looks good enough. Two cans of black gone, just like that. DWAM!

Front panel after successful painting. THEN all hell broke loose when there was a puddle of paint towards top after last coat. Waited for it to dry (least I thought), tried to sand and it just peeled like burnt flesh. Did best I could to repair, and it just looks horrible towards the top of this front panel. MAN, it looks like crap.

7 / 27 / 2014 (Click to show)


Top and bottom of chassis got wet with green. Looks mint. Can't decide if I actually want to clear coat it or not and test my bad luck with spray paint.

Left side panel all painted up. Looks great, like a pro. The back side of each panel will be flat black. I thought about making both sides green for that awesome look inside with the black chassis and mobo tray. Man... biggrin.gif

Right windowed panel all painted. mmm, looking nice...

Main system installed to tray. Aww chyuh.

Another angle of motherboard on tray. Im contemplating painting PCI slot covers green to look awesome with the black.

Ah, the dope Cooler Master green LED fan. Love the crazy bend the light has in the blades. Should mix with the hex grille well.

Initial mount with rubber sound dampening mounts. With edge trim, I can't use them. They just pop back out. sadsmiley.gif

Ah, edge trim, you save my life with those zig zaggy cuts. lol

Fan needed a little "motivation" to take the screws I need to use to mount it. biggrin.gif

How she looks so far. Ive chipped a little paint, missed a couple spots. I'll probably polish it up somehow.

Another shot without front panel.

Close up on inside. Doesnt look bad. I like it.

Ah, there it is, the dreaded front panel that needs a little work.

Close up of fan. Its RIGHT on the edge, with just enough room for trim. Just need to hit plastic with dremel sanding bit. Plastic is just a little too thick for it to go on nice. Easy fix.

SCORE! Found an already black 3.5" to 5.25" adapter. I'll use this for a hdd mount in the 5.25" bay, with the DVD rom above it, and have that much more room, leaving the stock hdd mount out. Of course, this eliminates any chance of using the 3.5" bays in front. I WAS going to put an old floppy drive in for nostalgia. Eh, screw it, saves me paint... lol

7 / 31 / 2014 (Click to show)


There's the PSU. Corsair TX650. Older unit, Im thinking 2009? Im not sure. The brand new one I bought for $40 is same model, but looks way different. That one was put in my crazy 8GB 939 setup, so this one was a hand me down.

PSU is mostly installed. Cant do cable management til shes ready to be completely built.

8 / 2 / 2014 (Click to show)


Inside of left panel painted. I decided to go green so it looks awesome when the windowed side panel is removed. WAS going to do black inside, but didn't amke much sense. I needed more green for other stuff anyway, so why not.

Windowed panel inside painted. Color looks different because of lighting conditions. All green matches same mint / AMD color.

The hdd caddy, front fan grille and front bay covers. Im actually going to have to use the 3.5" caddy instead of that adapter. I need the space under the DVD rom to stash PSU cables. No way to hide them behind mobo tray without cutting part of the chassis. And lets face it, the rig is mostly together, AND already painted. Im not cutting anymore metal yo. lol tongue.gif

Feet and power / reset buttons. The feet are pretty bad shape, but Im just gonna paint them how they are. Its not much paint, and they could always be replaced with LED ones later maybe. That'd be fresh son... fresh.

Feet painted. EVERY imperfection is standing out. ha ha

Oh yeah, I have to paint the PCI covers too. Hmm. Green or black... Green or... DEFINITELY GREEN! They will be seen through the window, and I think the green accent of them on the black chassis will... Just. Be. DOPE!

PCI covers done. OOOH EEEE! thumb.gif

All small parts painted and done. I had left over green, so I gave each side panel an extra coat. They were looking kind of un-even, so I caked it on. Dropped a small puddle off spray can tip on non-windowed panel. Oops. Gonna lightly sand it out and cover it up tomorrow after paint sets for 20 hours or so. Cant give it full 24 hours, but whatever.

8 / 3 / 2014 (Click to show)


Side panel, trim, acrylic, and nuts and bolts. Oh man!

Edge trim on, looks nice.

Nuts and bolts in, wow, looks sharp!

Other side. Bolts are kind of long, but Im not gonna sweat it unless there's a mating issue with the case. I doubt it tho.

HDD caddy installed. Like I said, I had to use this instead of the 3.5 to 5.25" adapter. I need the space under the DVD-rom to tuck spare PSU cables.

Outside view. Looking pretty good. Having hard time getting side panels on. The paint has created enough of an extra thickness for the mechanics to have interference.

Last minute mod I had to do. Found a fan header splitter. It had a ripped out wire, so I had to do some fixing. Also, for some reason, companies that make fan header splitters include the RPM sensor wire in the split. ?? So I had to remove one. If you don't know why this is a fail, then I can't help you. lol



Front panel getting its bay cover game on.

Overall look. Getting ready todo the grille, dreading the dremeling.

Edge trim made it on. Had to use superglue on other side to make sure it didnt try to peel itself off over time.

Hex grille got in there.

Closer view of grille, looks sharp.

Ahh, fancy mounting. Just hot glue, with help of superglue in some spots, lol

DVD-rom made it in.

Couple views on inside with all cables done. Did best I could.

Warning: Spoiler! FINISHED BEAUTY SHOTS (Click to show)

Beauty shots all around! Sorry about my poor photography skillz...

Fan is looking totally fresh, and doing good job pushing air in. Undoubtedly a dust vacuum.

Unfortunately, the paint created just enough of a layer to interfere with some mechanics like mentioned before. Most noticeable is the power button which had to be abandoned. I re-purposed the reset switch to be power. The paint just causes it to bind, no spring loaded, smooth click, Just crunch, chipped paint, red faced Swish like "***!!!!11!!1!1" mad.gif


So that's my beige mod entry! biggrin.gif


Personal best - 11,811 in 3DMark06 on 01/16/2016 socket 939 baby!

Proud elite member of the Socket 939 Appreciation Club.

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AMD s939 LVL 99+
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So, nothing going to happen here. Was saving this spot for overclocking results and benchmark results, but the client this was modded for paid in full about a month sooner than we thought.

So shes gone to her home!


Personal best - 11,811 in 3DMark06 on 01/16/2016 socket 939 baby!

Proud elite member of the Socket 939 Appreciation Club.

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92mm fan in the rear?

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Watching and waiting. ps: My wife liked your cleaning method!

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AMD s939 LVL 99+
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Originally Posted by RKDxpress View Post

Watching and waiting. ps: My wife liked your cleaning method!

Thanks, lol. I use the dishwasher to clean anything without batteries, or electrical capacitance in it. Can't tell you how many PS1 and 2 controllers I've washed. PC keyboards too, from nasty to mint, 1 hour. thumb.gif

Personal best - 11,811 in 3DMark06 on 01/16/2016 socket 939 baby!

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haha that PSU! doh.gif subbed thumb.gif

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AMD s939 LVL 99+
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Just ordered acrylic tonight. Exact size, hopefully no mods are needed to fit.

Personal best - 11,811 in 3DMark06 on 01/16/2016 socket 939 baby!

Proud elite member of the Socket 939 Appreciation Club.

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If you're willing to hear a little crazy talk, I've had a few thoughts.

Firstly, I think you're on the right track with more intake fans than exhaust, considering the size of area above the IO ports - you're not going to fit a reasonable fan in there nicely. I think there are a few options, though, once you cut away as much metal as you reasonably can from that area:
Rely on the pressure from the intake fans to move air out there, as there will be little resistance in that path.
Or, depending on how good your metal work skills are (or how 'ghetto' you're prepared to have the case looking) create a simple duct from the opening out to an externally mounted 120mm fan.

I'd probably go the 'duct' route, if I was in your position, but I enjoy making cardboard contraptions rolleyes.gif

Secondly, you've shown a single 120mm fan on the front panel, but is there any particular reason you couldn't use two? How many drives are you planning to mount in the case? If you're planning a few, would you consider relocating their cage to, for example, the bottom of the case? This would allow a second 120mm fan on the front panel and improve your intake situation.

Finally, this case is absolutely /begging/ for a PSU chamber! You're replacing the PSU, which probably means you'll end up with one with a large fan in the bottom; this is fine. Mount it upside down in the PSU area [bear with me] and create a top chamber in your case by blocking off any openings into the top area. The intake for the PSU will now be through the front panel 5 1/4" bays, which you could either leave open or block with something that will allow the PSU to breathe. Obviously, you'll still need to get power cables into the lower chamber. The benefit of doing this is that your PSU will stay cooler, by only getting near ambient temp air, which helps it stay quieter. It can also mean that the PSU stays in the more efficient regions of its power curve.

So, to recap, try for 2 intake fans on the front panel. Consider separating the PSU chamber from everything else - if you're keen, consider how you could install all your drives up there, out of sight and cooled by roughly ambient air. Finally, rely on the intake fans to generate front to back airflow, and open up the back of the case as much as possible. If you go for 2 intake fanse, you could even compartmentalise further and have the lower one feed air into a GPU/expansion cards 'compartment' and the upper fan feed air across RAM and CPU. You'd need to remove any expansion area blanking panels you didn't need in order that the warm air had somewhere to move to.

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