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[Build Log] The Big Red "Devastator" CaseLabs THW10 - Custom Powder Coating

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That top and those supports... Leave me speechless...
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Originally Posted by Master Chicken View Post

Well, that is just awesome. Sorry to hear about the chrome shop though.

I'm thinking of a dual D5 serial top but I'm unsure of which to pursue if any. I want to run D5 Strongs at higher voltage but suspect that many of the aftermarket top makers were lazy in their volute design compared to the original Laing volutes. A fully driven D5 Strong may lift the impeller in an aftermarket top with a mediocre volute that would otherwise be fine for a normal D5. I think Martin of MLL had this issue.

Obviously, you'll be fine like this. The lighting looks great with the red liquid.

In fact, this vertical mount may be the best way to go for my situation. Inspiring.
Yeah there's probably a better top for D5 Strongs, I've never researched what's best for those. I picked this top mainly because it just looks so spectacular specool.gif

Originally Posted by cpachris View Post

Beautiful pump setup. Beautiful.
Thank you! I really appreciate that thumb.gif

Originally Posted by OCDesign View Post

I know that “Ooooh, shiny!” is not the most professional of comments, but honestly it’s all I can think of looking at that…
Yes it is very shiny, that was the plan drum.gif

Originally Posted by m1ndb3nd3r View Post

That top and those supports... Leave me speechless...
I've had the pump set-up sitting on my work bench and every time I go in there I end up stopping and staring at if for a few minutes biggrin.gif

I haven't got much done lately. Super busy and record temps around here. A couple of days ago it was 109 degrees here! That broke the previous record of hottest temperature of any day ever here in my neck of the woods! My work shop is like walking into a sauna eek.gif

September and October are the best months of the year for skiing as the winds are calm and water is smooth as glass, and I'll be skiing as much as possible. So there will be slow progress for at least a couple more months.

I do have a small update for you. Back when I was getting ready to put coolant in one of the reservoirs to help decide which red color of sleeving to use, I was just getting ready to pour some coolant in and thought "wait I haven't air pressure tested these, I've tested everything else, better test it to be sure". The two reservoirs are connected at the top, so I pumped them up with air thinking it was going to be fine, well the pressure didn't just go down slow, it went down fairly fast.

All the stop plug fittings were tight, so I took both reservoirs back out figuring I needed to tighten the end caps more. Remember when I was mounting the reservoirs and I showed you how the glass tubes were actually cut crooked? Well I tightened those caps as tight as I could and they would not hold air. I lubed the o-rings and got it even tighter, but still no good, would not hold air.

So I RMAed the glass tubes. PPCs helped me with it, Aqua Computer was going to ship them on their next shipment to PPCs which was a month away. I was fine with this because I had other stuff to work on. Apparently when the shipment came in they arrived broken even though they were packaged well. At that point I just asked how long it would take to get them replaced and then I get an email that Aqua Computer direct two day shipped me replacements. It still ended up taking almost two months to get them from first contact, but I give kudos to both PPCs and Aqua Computer for getting it handled.

Here's the new tubes smile.gif

Most importantly the new reservoir tubes are almost perfectly cut square, certainly significantly better than the originals. I'm sure these will seal up much better. I also tested the LED illumination while I had fluid in one of the reservoirs. I really thought it would look brighter in the dark than it does. It's actually fairly dim, it looks much brighter in this picture than it does in person.

I only put four LEDs in each reservoir, so while I have the reservoirs out I'm going to redo the LEDs and max them out with six in each one. Hopefully it will be a little brighter, a lot will depend on what coolant I finally choose.

Next up on the "To Do List"
  • Swap out the reservoir tubes and pressure test them
  • Redo the LED harnesses for the reservoirs
  • Reinstall the reservoirs
  • Mount the pump set-up

Then I can start running some tubing if I want too, or I also have lots of wiring yet to go, even before getting any hardware. Much to do still.

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_subbed up wave2.gif

. . . late to the party . . . but huge on interest

this guy is devastatingly awesome thumbsupsmiley.png

Remember - "No matter where you go . . . there you are"
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Subbed to this, great build so far
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Originally Posted by SpikeV View Post

_subbed up wave2.gif

. . . late to the party . . . but huge on interest

this guy is devastatingly awesome thumbsupsmiley.png
Never too late to join in thumb.gif

Originally Posted by LunchB0xK1ller View Post

Subbed to this, great build so far
Thanks and welcome aboard!

I have the new reservoir tubes installed and they pressure tested good now band.gif

I only had four LEDs in each reservoir thinking that would be bright enough. Now I'm going to max them out by adding two extra LEDs to each reservoir while they are out of the case.

I shortened the wires on the second side reservoir because the Splitty I'm using as a power distribution block is right below it, and I really liked how the wires looped directly under the reservoir. This is before I took the reservoirs back out.

On the main side reservoir I just put the fan connector at the end of the LED wires and it did reach the power distribution Splitty on the other side of the case, but I didn't care for how the wires were off to the side instead of looping directly under the reservoir like the other side. Again this is before I took the reservoirs back out.

Since I'm redoing these LED harnesses anyway I decided to extend the LED wire harness on the main side so it loops under to make it look like the other one does.
Strip the wires back and twist together nicely.

I use Kester Rosin Core Solder. A nice thin solder like this works well.

Now get the soldering iron nice and hot. On a scrape piece of wood press the soldering iron onto the wires. You want the metal to heat quickly so it doesn't melt the wire insulation AND you want the metal hot enough to melt the solder.

I couldn't hold the soldering iron, solder and camera all at once, but with the soldering iron still on the wires press the solder into the wire (not directly onto the soldering iron) and it will flow all around once the metal is hot enough.

Good enough for a few LEDs.

Heat shrink them and ready to sleeve.

It's a tight fit to get six in there. Here's with the cover plate on. Those screws on the bottom go through the mounting plate when the reservoirs are installed.

Here the first reservoir is ready to go back in with longer LED wires.

Here's the reservoir mounted again. The harness now loops directly under like the other side, tucks behind the bottom radiator, through the pass through hole, behind the other bottom radiator and up into the power distribution Splitty. I like this better thumb.gif

That was my last two white 5mm LEDs that I had on hand. I have white 3mms and some red 5mm ones, but no more white 5mm ones.
I ordered some more so I can do the other reservoir.

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I got the pumps mounted in place while waiting for more LEDs so I can finish up the second reservoir.

Here's a few shots with the motherboard tray out.

With the motherboard tray out, you can see I put a clip on the back of the power supply support bracket to hold the pump power harness. Also a clip behind the one pump to keep the wires together.

Motherboard tray back in.

Besides the vibration damping material under the pump brackets, I also have eight rubber washers under the brackets mounted to the bottom fans. Dual vibration dampening should make it nice and quiet.

Notice the radiator fan screws from Hobby King. They have been in and out multiple times already for various test fittings, and they still look perfect.

Next up is to finish installing the LEDs in the second reservoir, and reinstalling it.

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ooooh ... starting to come together. I like the clips to wrangle the cables.

Build Logs - Active
'Liquorice Allsorts' - 'C-Sweet' Thought Log coming to life ... CaseLabs S5 + Pedestal
'HTPC Builds into small cases' - Antec VSK2000-U3 and Fractal Design Node 202

Build Logs - Complete
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Originally Posted by ruffhi View Post

ooooh ... starting to come together. I like the clips to wrangle the cables.

Yes slowly it's starting to come together. thumbsupsmiley.png

Just a small update for you. I did get the second reservoir put back together, with six LEDs installed and mounted back in the case. I didn't take any pictures because it looks the same as it did before.

I've been working on the five pin USB cables. I've been using the ones that come with the Aquaeros and other related components. First I cut one end off to the length I want, sleeve it and put new connector pins on.

Here's a couple of the ones I made shorter.

Two of them were the perfect length already, so I just resleeved them and then shortened the rest. Most of these can be removed from the computer once the Aquaeros are all set up, but I wanted to make them look nice so I can just leave them installed if I want to. These will all plug into the Hubby7 USB splitter. One for each pump, one for each aquaero, and one for the fill level sensor in one of the reservoirs. I still have to make one more for the flow meter once that is installed, and one to the motherboard.

I normally import my pictures here in the default "large" size which is width/500 and height/1000.

I made this last picture width/750 and height/1500. You can see how much larger it is.

What do you think? Should I stick with the standard "large" size pictures, or do you think I should use the extra large size like the last picture in this post from now on?

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Well, the original 6000 x 4000 pictures are always available upon clicking on the previews, so I'd say stick to the smaller previews... my 2c, anyway.

This build is... wow! Mad skillz. thumb.gif
Definitely worth the time it's taking.

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Subbing along for the ride. Better late than never.

Been lurking for awhile and finally decided to join OCN. Planning a build on the THW10 also.

Great job so far. thumb.gif

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