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Did you get the H80's to fit? There's certainly more than enough room up top for the rads in that awesome case of yours, and if I remember right the pumps would nestle right in there between your RAM sticks. I was strongly considering getting your case; but settled on the CoolerMaster HAF X because it fits under my desk. I did order the H70s with Gentle Typhoon fans but then I sent them back because I found that I would have had to fabricate a mounting bracket up top... plus I was also a little concerned with how stiff those Corsair hoses are! It made me a touch apprehensive that the gymnastics required to mount them might possibly weaken them for later cracking. I'm sure they're pretty reliable tho. Cool running too. I settled for air-cooling with the Dynatron R17s. They fit nicely with hi-rise RAM and work just fine. CPU 2 is the hottest due to airflow config and it doesn't get over 50C with heavy rendering or 3DMark11 tests.

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