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Batman's Mercury S8 Work Computer

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Love these new EVGA 2080 and 2080Ti 2.75 slot thick cards.

The 2080 (non Ti) with triple fan FTW edition, will be enough since we're only seldom gamers 2-3times a month playing DOOM 2016, and later Borderlands 3 and Doom Eternal.

Most likely run it on air for awhile, then grab that EK acetal block. Will be my very first water-cooled GPU, that's exciting.

Steve says there will be a KingPin card. Wooooooo.

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Maximus XI Extreme photos coming soon.

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Quote: Originally Posted by E-curbi View Post
You maintain a "Pump Curve"? You da man Josh. I've never done that. Sounds totally cool.

I can only drop the D5 to 25% within AquaSuite MPS control. If I want to drop lower I have to connect the USB pump to the Aquaero 6 and then it's a summation of both sliders allowing the D5 to drop to 15% I do believe. OR maybe I'm doing it wrong. lol

I just run my D5 at 29% since I must have some unusual phenomenon going on, where my D5 is inaudible at 29%, and slightly audible at 25%, go figure right? I know it all has to do with the way we mount the pumps and the chassis structure and available energy absorbing material (if any), but I also believe that each and every D5 arrives with it's own slightly different sonic characteristics. Even though they appear identical. And sometimes my D5 will just come alive making noise, I'm like "What the heck?" and I wiggle the mounting and supporting structure and it goes away. After I've spent 20minutes turning off every device in the office thinking it's the mini fridge or overhead fan or air purifier or the guy next door playing with his boat motor. LOL

Are you overclocking with your pump and fans in "everyday mode"? Don't be afraid to raise your pump and fan speeds for testing/overclocking your processor Josh. And lower your Air Conditioning a bit since it's still Summer where you live. lol.

I didn't really have much to adjust, only a single Noctua 140mm fan on my air cooler, normally run at 660rpms, increased to 1200rpms for overclocking, no big deal really but my little C14S fin blades would get a little warm to the touch after a few Cinebench MT runs.

Yea, once you get the hang of all the R6E options of which there are many I can imagine Asus threw the entire kitchen sink at that mobo. It's so beautiful.

Cannot wait for the first look at the new Maximus 11 Extreme. When you got your 7820X we didn't really have many options, AMD really changed the game, so glad they are back. I looked at the 7820X 8-core and the 7800X 6-core, and the 6-core specs seemed short sighted to say the least. I was so interested in getting the most ideal CPU for my work rig, I contacted Intel and asked about disabling 2 of the 8 cores on the 7820X and if that would lead to higher single and slightly threaded app performance. I know, that sounds crazy but then the 8700K was announced with the variable boost for 1core 2cores 4cores 6cores, and I was SOLD, it seemed the ideal CPU for my work, low latency ring bus 3.7 to 4.7 stock. Then the 8086K came along 4.0 to 5.0 stock, I already had an 8700K binned at 5.2Ghz from SL, so it would have been silly to grab an 8086K at the same frequency even though after selling the X99 platform I did need to update (2) rigs. Extremely happy is an understatement with the 5.3Ghz binned 8086K. The price was a bit more than I had planned, but then I think of the guys spending $2000 and $2600 on binned 7980XE CPUs, and $859 doesn't seem so bad.

Have no idea just how the new 9700K and 9900K will perform with single/slightly threaded apps better or worse than the 8700K/8086K. Usually as a general rule of thumb, increasing the number of cores decreases the single thread performance within a CPU family, yet the 9900K is still using a ring bus, not mesh like the HEDT, and if Intel has found some new magic, who knows how high they will clock. The 9700K with 8-cores yet NO hyperthreading? How is that going to stack up against the 8086K in single core performance? It feels like brand new undiscovered territory.

There's also updated CPUs launching for Intels HEDT, the 8000 series? Skylake X is getting a 22core CPU and refreshed motherboards, that's the rumor anyway.

October is going to be so exciting.

And I'm sincerely sorry for leaving the thread and then coming back, more than once. Our plans keep changing about every two, three weeks, and we've been in a perpetual state of immediate relocation for about 8months. I apologize for the confusion.
So the image below is a screen capture of my pump curve lol... I basically copied Daniels great aquaero setup guide on his youtube channel... the pump is directed my my coolant temperature from sensor 1. I was going to change some of the settings from his but I find the temperatures I've set for mine work extremely well...

And yes dont worry, I will be playing around with more aggressive fan / pump profiles. I'll even do a 100% duty on both with an overclock to see what this thing can really do with no hands behind its back!
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Quote: Originally Posted by E-curbi View Post
At the end of the video Jay mentions rebuilding Skunkworks as a tribute/homage to CaseLabs.

And I believe he also says the phrase "a tribute/homage to CaseLabs that a lot of people have been doing".

Not sure if he's referring to other TechTubers, if so I'd love to watch those videos. OR if Jay is referring to us - here in the CL forum. lol

Either way, nice sentimental touch Jay. Skunky is looking amazing. Wow, that gunmetal is still so gorgeous under the lights.
Jay was pretty much what got me into Caselabs. When I first saw an early 2013 vid of his skunkworks build I was immediately dreaming of one day getting one of the cases.

His current setup with blue looks so good with the gunmetal. When I first planned my build last year I was seriously considering blue coolant.

And now it looks like he's going to do a nice little upgrade with new components!!
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Quote: Originally Posted by E-curbi View Post
Josh, I'm not certain why your CPUZ is reporting Dual vs Quad channel, I'd go back and retrace your steps, check all settings, and of course you can always reset bios to "optimal defaults" if you really and truly get stuck, but that's time consuming to reset all your BASE settings.

You can overclock and test your CPU using only 2DIMMs in Dual Channel (I've heard of enthusiasts using only 1DIMM) to reach an even higher stable clock. Fewer DDR4 DIMMs installed will usually lead to higher stable clocks. At least that's an overclocking rule of thumb I've always been aware of. There's a reason the ROG Apex 10 board has ONLY 2DIMM slots. LOL

Try only 2DIMMs and see if you cannot move to higher stable clocks, once you get stuck using 4DIMMs.

I realize it sounds impractical since you want to use Quad Channel memory while working and day to day. Yep, in that respect it totally is.

Only for testing to see what your 7820X can do then arrive at a highest stable clock with 4DIMMS AND a highest stable clock with 2DIMMs installed. That's the fun of overclocking all the cool little variables.
Interesting info e-curb.... I'll definitely take some ram slots out soon and go through some of these steps. I'll prob be able to get slightly better OC's with just the 2 DIMMS also
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Quote: Originally Posted by E-curbi View Post
Realize I haven't posted any CaseLabs build photos in awhile. That's only because when waiting for new components/platforms to launch I usually update peripherals and other simple office gear.

As soon as the Maximus 11 Z390 boards become available, I'll FLOOD this thread with photographs. Plan on picking up BOTH the Apex 11 and Extreme 11.

Also the Optane 280GB 905P PCIe Add In Card day one it becomes available.

I could do a 24month 2-year water loop breakdown and cleaning of parts for my 2ndary rig to find out what surprises reside deep inside the radiators and water blocks.

That loop consists of:

120mm HWL MP rad (white)
240mm HWL MP rad (white)
360mm HWL MP rad (white)

EK Maximus 8 Extreme monoblock (CPU and VRM)
EK XRES with 100mm reservoir tube
Aquacomputer USB D5
Bitspower Ultimate compression fittings 3/8 x 5/8 deluxe white
Bitspower thermal probes deluxe white
Monsoon 3/8 x 5/8 clear tubing
Monsoon Extreme White Pastel coolant (all pastel colored particles dropped out of solution at 19months)
Yes please, very much looking forward to more Caselabs / Asus porn lol

Also the 24 month loop breakdown is a great idea. I pretty much plan on documenting and posting my results when i do a breakdown to see how all my stuff has held up over the course of time.
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Quote: Originally Posted by E-curbi View Post
You Go Benio.

Aquacomputer Airplex Modular Copper Rads +

Aquaero 7 or Heatkiller OLED controller +

Intel's new X599 chipset +

Skylake XCC (Extreme Core Count) 28core 56thread Processor +

Asus ROG Dominus LGA 3647 Socket motherboard +

Found a few AquaComputer Airplex Modular copper skus still in stock at PPCS:

Also, anyone needing miscellaneous CaseLabs parts, PPCS still has a few:

I have so many Mercury S8 backup and duplicate parts for both my CL rigs mostly in gunmetal, an entire separate white front cover, front I/O switchplate and FlexBay solid covers, can keep them going for a good while until CaseLabs 2.0 begins. Yep, gonna remain confident and hopeful. Someone mentioned CL reemerging as a subsidiary of a larger group.

Why not Corsair?

They're basically geographic neighbors.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Apologize if I'm sorting through lightbulbs, without considering all the ramifications, I'm still looking forward to and remaining positive about the Gemini Series and the Apollo Series. And really hope CL 2.0 delves into a brand new series, some open air glass panel 8-slot horizontal designs.

As loyal customers we simply were not receiving newer designs fast enough. One series in 2016? One new model in 2017? Two revisions in the stead of brand new models in 2018? Nothing wrong with that, but we'd like A Revs AND new skus. We all know how brilliant the chief designer at CL is at his craft, said this before, there must be 30 or 50 new CaseLabs models on electronic file just waiting for a chance at new business.

Didn't mean for the above to sound like a rant, I'm sorry. It is frustration though. Not that I personally needed to buy a brand new CL case every year, but I did end up buying (4) Mercury S8 cases (S8 - S8 bench - S8S - S8 bench) and created as many various configurations as I possibly could to keep things fresh, when all along would have LOVED to buy a new Gemini horizontal 8-slot or Apollo horizontal 8-slot designs with updated aesthetics and some glass panels.

Congratulations to all the awesome SMA-8 A Rev owners with their gorgeous glass panels, us Mercury guys never got that far.

CaseLabs simply must come back.

The Aruba switch arrives Thursday, they shipped it FedEx.
Will the Asus ROG Dominus fit in an S8? ????
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