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Welcome to the 2012 OCN Forum Folding War! 

"What's the Forum Folding War?", I hear you ask.
Well, in an effort to generate some momentum to get OCN into 2nd in the world, and to get some competitiveness out of you all, we've decided to split the overclock.net forum up into Folding teams.

One week, from the 11th-18th of November. The event starts at 12pm EST/5pm GMT.
That gives you all plenty of time to get some clients set up, so if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

As of right now we are getting the word out about the event. PM me if you are wanting to form your own team and I'll get it added to the list. I, along with the other folding editors, will start PMing out to the other editors / mods on OCN and see if they would like to make a team and start this ball rolling.



Here is the sign up sheet: http://folding.axihub.ca/ffw_signup.php


Group 1 will be randomly given out to the winning team.
Group 2 will be a random draw for all other participants. So even if you think your team won't win, there's still a chance to win prizes. 

Group 3 will be randomly given to every participant.

Group 1 prizes:

  • 1x OCN Duckey G2 Pro – admin
  • 4x $30 PayPal – admin
  • 2x OCN Hats (small) -admin
  • 1x Small ATX Tech Bench Spotswood (waiting on shipping info)
  • $US25 x 1 PayPal - Sethy666
  • 1x Dirt 2 (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Stalker (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Modern Warfare 2 (Steam) - axipher
  • 2x 4x4GB Patriot 2133MHz DDR3 – Scorpion49 (International Shipping)

Group 2 prizes:

  • 2x $30 PayPal – admin
  • 1x OCN Hat (small) - admin
  • 2x $25 PayPal – king8654
  • 1x 2x2GB G.Skill 2133MHz DDR3 – Desert Rat (USA only shipping)
  • 1x Dirt 2 (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Stalker (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Modern Warfare 2 (Steam) - axipher


Group 3 prizes:

  • 8x $30 PayPal - donated by admin
  • 2x OCN Hoodie - donated by admin
  • 2x OCN Hats - donated by admin
  • 1x Dirt 2 (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Stalker (Steam) - axipher
  • 1x Modern Warfare 2 (Steam) - axipher



How do I win?
As long as you Fold one WU during the event, we will include you in the prize draw.
For those of you who use your Team's Folding name and not your own, you will need to submit proof. To do this, you will need to submit a screenshot of:

• HFM with a WU at at least 50% completion, with your team name shown.
• The current time in UTC from time.gov. Must be taken during the event.
• Your OCN username in Notepad.


Then email the screenshot to [email protected].

What else do I have to do?
Folding your heart out. Use your team thread to ask questions, or stop by the Folding section and post a thread, We'll be happy to help. 

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