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Overall Points

    Simply a SUM of all the points made by all users that are signed-up for each team. The points offset were all set to the start of the FFW, then after the first day, any new sign-ups after that had their start offset set to the time they signed-up at. This value will just continue to grow and grow as the FFW goes on. It you see this value go down, there's a problem...

Active Folders

    This graph represents the number of active folders on a team. It uses the same data as above to determine if you are active or not. If a folder is signed up and has a current point value that is higher than their start value, they are deemed active. If the Team username is active, it counts as 1 folder. As I get proof screenshots from people folding for the team username, they will get added. the first folder of course will count as 0 since the team username is already counting as 1. As above, this value should be alow rising as well, if it goes down, there is a problem.

Points Per folder (PPF)

    This value is a simple division of overall points and active folders. Don't need much of an explanation here. This value will fluctuate up as more powerful folders start folding, and will fluctuate downwards as less pwoerful folders join. On larger teams, this won't fluctuate as much, but for smaller teams, this could be a big factor in their overall rank points.

Overall Rank/Points

    Here is another easy one. Each team gets points based on their position on the other 3 graphs, or categories. The number of points you get is based on the number of teams. Last place gets 1 point, 2nd last palce gets 2 points, etc. So in this FFW we have 6 teams, so 1st place in a category gets 6 points. this means a team can get a minimum of 3 points and a maximum of 18 points. This also means that it is not possible for two teams to tie for first or last, but can tie for 2nd to 2nd last.

    In the event of a tie, we, the Editors, will determine the path forward if it will affect prizes.

Hourly Stats

Updated every 3 hours EST

Hourly Overall Rank
Hourly Overall Points
Hourly Active Folders
Hourly Points Per Folder

Daily Stats

Updated at noon EST
Overall Rank
Overall Points
Active Folders
Points Per Folder

PM axipher to report any bugs with the stats site

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