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Seems that I've heard of peeps running RAM kits on this mobo to those speeds... I'm sure I've heard of 1866... don't remember if they had to up the v to 1.6...

I am running at the rated speed: 9-9-9-24, 1T @ 1.5v. 1600MHz.

A few things of note:
  1. The BIOS defaults to auto-detect mode, which uses XMP to query your RAM. The timings will detect correctly; but the speed won't. It will start you out at 1333MHz (pretty standard occurrence). So I had to manually bump that up to 1600. It gives you the option of tweaking all of these settings manually if you wish.
  2. Whatever you get, if you want to push it, just be prepared to do a lot of trial and error. This mobo is complicated and thus fairly sensitive (two different integrated memory controllers in the CPUs plus mobo memory controllers next to the DIMM slots, which is only complicated by the number of RAM sticks you employ).... just sayin'.
  3. I saw several different ratings for my RAM in the company's advertised specs, and I'm not sure if they were XMP or what. That was confusing. You may see this while shopping.
  4. Your CPUs and GPU(s) will suck a lot more electricity than your RAM will.
  5. As for the heatsinks on RAM... I think that are a tad overrated. A little more about marketing than necessity.

It's off to school. I'll look at your links when I can.


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