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Originally Posted by CeeJayDK View Post

Lovely screenshots TFL.
Remember to post presets for them.
I learn from peoples presets and both include presets with sweetfx and sometimes adjust the default settings based on them.


Thanks CeeJay. I've edited my post and added a preset for it.


Originally Posted by Derko1 View Post

Speaking about default settings... you have a value in defogging for the 1.2 release. So every time tone mapping is enabled, it also adds the defogging. To me the image was a bit green/yellow when enabling tone mapping. I just couldn't figure out why, until I noticed a value in there.
Just thought I'd mention it, since I'm guessing it was not intentional.


I always go through all the parameters when using Tonemap. The default values for defog could be changed to remove yellow instead since that hue is very commonly complained about in modern video games (Deus Ex HR would be one example).

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