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I've got 16GB of Blackline Mushkin and an FX 8350 coming my way. I also have an XSPC Raystorm RS 360 kit here ready to rock. Totally ready to kick some tires and light some fires. I've degraded this 920 so much my CB R11.5 score has dropped by .7 points! Hopefully now that I'm AMD I can start toasting CPUs faster and replacing them since they're not $350 a pop.

But whatever, I need something new to play with anyways. First time water and finally back with AMD. I can't wait to ram this thing into the mid 5Ghz range and then troll locked Intel CPU users with multi-threaded benchmarks. I'm probably one of the few coming from Intel to AMD, but **** it, I'm not getting some nancy-pants "omg I raised the multiplier and the voltage and that's all I can do" ***** overclock platform. I think jacking up the base clock until the rest of the chip chokes and then going crazy with the multi would give some wicked performance numbers.

Also building Funtoo from stage 3 and compiling every piece of software with GCC 4.7 optimizations once I get the base system up. I wonder how much ass Blender is going to kick with optimized CFLAGs in Funtoo? My guess, a **** ton judging by the way phoronix GCC compiler benchmark shows a 50% increase when using modern GCC. Buying PD and compiling your own Linux software is probably going to make this chip god-tier when compared to Intel's similarly priced options. Specially considering modern CPU benchmarking is ICC BS.

This is the kind of stuff I'm whining about. What a nice benchmark to have such fair and balanced words like that.

You know you're an AMD guy when even your router has 4 cores.
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