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Originally Posted by Derko1 View Post

You can turn everything else off and reference this post in the settings to use for SMAA to iron out the jaggies. Look above the post to see some sample shots.

Originally Posted by TFL Replica View Post

Just wanted to know what to put in the screenshot captions. smile.gif

Bloom is useful for older games that look dull and lifeless. Most modern games already use (or rather abuse) bloom. One of the best settings you could activate for Deus Ex HR would be Tonemap. You can use Tonemap's defog to remove the game's ridiculously strong yellow/gold tint. Just hopped into the game a took some screenshots for you.

Deus Ex Human Revolution - SweetFX (SMAA, LumaSharpen and Tonemap)

To remove the game's yellow tint, try the following settings for Tonemap
   /*-----------------------------------------------------------.     /                        Tonemap settings                     /  '-----------------------------------------------------------*/#define Gamma 1.0#define Exposure 0.0#define Saturation 0#define Bleach 0#define Defog 0.05#define FogColor float4(2.00, 1.8, 0.3, 0)

If that's too much you can simply reduce the value for defog. You could also try applying bloom, hdr, vibrance or curves after this to get back some of the brightness and colors.

If you'd rather reduce but not remove the game's yellow fog/tint, it's a lot easier to do so with DPX.

Thanks TFL and Derko1. But wouldn't maxing out the SMAA settings make it look better? Or does this only work game by game basis? Oh, and imo bloom always just looks terrible when enabled in this game.

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