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Originally Posted by Enigma776 View Post

I will just throw my 2 cents in.
I recently bought a deathadder 3.5g mouse. I was told I would need the Synapse software to use my mouse, I thought ok must be how they do drivers now. Then I realised I needed an account, again no problem I thought. Then the problems started. I had mouse lag in which it would stutter and misbehave as well as the LED lights would flicker on the mouse. Looking around the internet I found it was a common complaint and could be fixed by updating the firmware I did that to no avail.
I then put in a support ticket to figure out what was going wrong with my mouse. A guy comes back with all these troubleshooting suggestions, having followed those and got no results I asked why do I need to use Synapse 2.0 is there no proper drivers any more and why do I need to use this bloatware software package. Low and behold on the next email some proper drivers turned up with a normal config utility and best of all no login or mouse problems.
The only thing I can suggest is to ask for proper drivers and ditch this synapse thing altogether. The Mice are good Mice its just the current driver platform is pure crap.
I have found more and more companies now doing this bloatware driver platform and it has to stop we do not need flashy gfx or cloud storage for a mouse driver let alone any driver. all we ask is for a driver that performs well and does what it says it will do.
Ahh see that deathadder is an old model, so they still have those pre-synapse drivers sitting around.
Hell you can google and it will link you the old ones on their site, but if you naturally browse around their site, everything leads to Synapse.

I did the update to synapse for the naga 2012, so far so good. No real horrors as of yet. However it's informing me my Blackwidow Ultimate has a firmware update, but I refuse to update that in the event I decide to go back to standard drivers and find out the keyboard won't be detected because of wrong firmware.
And I've read mixed reports of being able to roll back the firmware.

Also the 2012 naga didn't pick up on the older drivers. I actually had 3.02 installed and no luck.
I know these guys have stand alones for the old stuff still and wouldn't be surprised if one of the perks of working there is to have a synapse-free setup.
Someone needs to start up a fake email chain complaint about not having internet and only can email by phone and need an alternate non synapse for 2012.
Also that site razer blueprints has been under construction for a year + now. Cant find some blueprints for an LED mod.

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