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Originally Posted by channelx99 View Post

Drivers didnt work unfortunately. Said Naga Epic wasnt detected when the software launched
I do like the Logitech G600 didnt know they made a mouse like that. Ive been happy with all my other logitech products in the past too they have great customer service.
I had the 3.03 drivers in for my regular Naga, and nope, didn't work for 2012.
Side note, the Synapse madness begins. Because it claims I have a firmware update available for my BlackWidow, it has disabled all macro and key swapping abilities on the Blackwidow. I can make a macro and set it to a macro key, nothing. Change a letter to something else, still the default key. Tried macro off Naga, perfectly fine.
They really do disable all special features until you update. Still holding off on the update for a little bit.

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