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Originally Posted by Derko1 View Post

I've had an issue with HDMI sound since after the 12.4 drivers. Sound works fine with those drivers, but every driver after that... no sound. I can tell that with the new drivers, once the idle core goes to .949, it works fine. The only way I can get it bumped up, is to set my idle clocks to 500mhz by making a preset. Now in Windows 8 for some reason it does not work the same way. I am no longer able to simply call the preset up to have sound.

So has anyone heard or seen anything in regards to how to fix this? What could be the cause of me losing sound that is fixed via raising the voltage the card is getting...?

Hmm. this is a unique issue. The audio comes from separate chip w/ no direct relation to the core.

Win 8... are you using the .net4 version of the driver? Profiles... what mode are you using AB in?

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