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Originally Posted by tsm106 View Post

Hmm. this is a unique issue. The audio comes from separate chip w/ no direct relation to the core.
Win 8... are you using the .net4 version of the driver? Profiles... what mode are you using AB in?

This has been the same case since I started using 12.x drivers until now. The only drivers that worked without issues were 12.4s. Same issue on Windows 7 even with a fresh installation and simply installing the graphics drivers, I'll have sound the moment the installation finishes. Then I'll have sound once I reboot and at the first time an application runs full screen, then there's no sound. Depending on whether the gpu gets pushed a little harder or not, sound will go in and out.

I've seen many threads on other forums on the issue... I'll find the one that I found here that helped me solve it originally.

Edit: Here's one thread: https://www.overclock.net/t/1295464/intermittent-hdmi-audio-output-on-7970-12-8-drivers

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