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Originally Posted by tsm106 View Post

Why are you posting in this thread w/o following the guide here? I mention this because I've already explained about the file you need to use to enable clock/voltage control, and it was seemingly ignored?
As to the vrm chip, this board supports full voltage control. It's the blue pcb from HIS, a revised board using the alternate pcb however it follows reference form. There are posts from users with this board adding volts. I've used one of these in the past w/o any issues.

I apologize that I did not read through your guide properly, I know that you had put a lot of your time into making the thread. I appreciate that you are helping me unlock the voltage control/monitoring on my system. I appreciate that you had typed up a very thorough and detailed "How to" thread. I'm sorry.

I have now read through your guide, and I now understand.
Thank you tsm106. biggrin.gif

EDIT: I had followed the steps, but I did something wrong (installed the MSI AF patch and rebooted straight afterward). I repeated the steps by uninstalling MSI AF but it does not ask to reboot, what had I done wrong?

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