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Hey guys, MSI 7850 owner here. I have voltage problems. I am unable to either set, or view, voltages in MSI AB. Doesn't even display the voltage. I have installed the patch, as well as enabled unofficial mode in the .cfg. Wondering if theres anything else I can do?

I have also noticed that the card seems to be running at lower than stock voltage when viewed in GPUZ. Like, 1.075v. Furthermore, it seems it defaults to 860 Core when the core is supposed to be 950. Not an issue, as it bumps up to 950 fine. But i'm wondering if the possibly lowered voltage could be causing some instability when I try to go past what it should be? Or is GPUZ simply reading the voltage incorrectly?

I have also tried evga precision. I am also planning on trying gpu tweak.

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