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^^Something both of you guys can do is open the patch with 7zip/winzip and extract the files directly to the afterburner directory. AB can access the files directly from there as it was coded that way in 2.2.1.

Iirc, Evga Precision and Gputweak are all based on the same code, Rivatuner which is the same for Afterburner. Something all the 3rd party apps even Trixx, requires are the clock/voltage control files. The crux of the issue is that AMD removed those files since 12.xx drivers and problems arise from us adding that support back in. The other issue is that there seems to be a rising problem with supposedly voltage locked cards from a variety of brands from 78xx to 79xx. I don't know if it is indeed hardware related or user issue. Do all these steps and cover your bases, and if you still are without voltage control there's really not much left to do software wise.

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When you uninstalled, it asks if you want to save your settings in the case that you are upgrading. Did you choose yes to that option? I would uninstall and choose NO, to do a clean install of afterburner.

Yep I checked no, and it deleted the user data, but I didn't reboot after the uninstall. I will try it again this afternoon.

After you uninstall, you can make sure it's clean by deleting the afterburner directory. Then you can reinstall, and then go about the process editing the cfg file.

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