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Originally Posted by amd955be5670 View Post

Is this by any means good looking?
Before C3 comes out I wanna give C1 another chance of running well on my PC, I found a mod source but too lazy to download rolleyes.gif


The vignette needs some tuning so it doesn't pass over the HUD. Aside from that I'm not sure what I'd change. A before and after comparison would be helpful.


Originally Posted by silent man View Post

i c there's alot of great screenshots in first page for SWEETFX ..but is there any preset download for Darksiders II and Stalker?


Do you mean the first Stalker game (SoC)? Each of the Stalker games requires a slightly different config. For example, CoP is too plain and light and requires some adjustments to color while CS is good with just SMAA and LumaSharpen.

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