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Thats just the problem - I aint gots nuttin in mind !! I see a lot of fantastic builds going on and on and on .. hehe, well some, but I get that continuous building becomes a big part fast of whatever you wanna call this hobby shlobby. I mean, i used to build a pc and that was it. Not anymore, I gots to mess with it, well, not lately, but reading is a big part of keeping up with all the products and their potential use. The aftermarket parts bidness has exploded, and it changes fast. And a lot of people want to keep their ideas secret, and I get that, but that means I GOTTA THINK ABOUT IT !! and then actually follow thru, so please do the usual and tell and share - I really have no ideas that I can pin down.

I want it ALL ... you gets the drift. I'm interested to see what happens too biggrin.gif

oh and welcome Addiction - aptly named !
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