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Originally Posted by hammerforged View Post

In for the rest. Good luck with your build.

Thanks hammerforged, I likes the name and all the energy that it connotes biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by PapaP View Post

Well I'm gonna follow you here bro. You did a great job on my build.

thanks ! you harley riding cool dude ! You know I can always use your help & support coz I'm old and blind & deef - almost as bad as yourself wink.gif

Originally Posted by Mhyles View Post

Good job, I'm in for this! smile.gif

Hey Myhles - ooh-la-la ! I certainly am fond of that avatar biggrin.gif

Originally Posted by mandrix View Post

Welcome and good luck!
I don't get the "treaded holes" thing?
Also I don't remember any instructions, if I got some with the case I guess I threw them away. We don't need no stinkin instructions!
So you don't know what board you are going with? Nothing? Blank slate? biggrin.gif

Yes Sir ! I am the proud owner of a blank slate - I have a current build in the Azza that hasn't been fired up under water - Asus z77 deluxe - 3770k cpu - 680 sc card - with a mcp35x2 pump & 10 ft Masterkleer uv Red tubing and a 150mm Bitspower water tank and a whole bunch of black Bitspower fittings. But I have a black case and I'd like to do a build that involves either an Asus Rampage or Maximus - to get away from the blue on black color mix - and that sorta company cries out for a 2011 or x79 board ... and all of its attendant glory, doncha think ?

I'm curious to hear suggestions on the build components. Its not gonna be a cpachris or FatherFuzzy or a lowfat or even, especially, an IT Diva or Mandrix build - but after watching a few other builds, I'm a bit leery of using Crystal Links or Aquaero or fabbing my own sLight board - that all is a wee bit more than I'm comfortable with on a learning curve.

There really isn't that much to consider a build's parts for in this case - I don't fold or Boinc, I game some, and a whole lotta surfing .... do I really need multiple graphics cards ? well of course I do !!! this is a case capable of handling 480 rads and upto an XL-ATX board - which I don't wanna do as it hasn't got much of a track record to go buy. But I do have 2 480 rads already - just not the Monsta rads ... so obviously I do have a bit of a plan - Monsta rads in the case. In a way, your build with the twin 480 rads in a ped is the way to go. With a traditional rad in a p/p setup not in a ped, its a whole different look.
And maybe, that is the deciding factor - you can see most of the rad and the push fans in that kind of setup as opposed to a ped.

Apart from a test bench, I can't think of another way to install and show off such rads - they're either hidden in a pedestal or they're stacked - fans/rad/fans - in a partially obscured manner. Guess I gotta settle with that then. So its dual 480 Monsta rads with at least 2 grafix cards - and I'm not tempted to go AMD on cards neither. I'm fine with the Evga blocks designed by Swiftech. Pricey ...

Question now is - which mobo and which chip ? I'm already thinking that the dual mcp35x pump will be coming over to this build. And with a black case, is WHITE tubing the way to go ? fans - RED ? Aerocool Red LED ? I have a couple in the house. I also have some Cougar orange fans - I've noticed that just about any color fan stands out in a black Caselabs case, especially thru those smexy vents. Which would leave the cpu block ... I can appreciate the CSQ design, esp when frosted ... but depending on the mobo, the block choices - cpu and mobo - are sure to follow. Yeah - I think I'd like to block the mobo.

SO there it is .... a beginning outline of the shape of Treaded Holes - I'll copy or scan the instructions - as soon as I saw that, I knew I had to bring the light o' day to that !
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