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Originally Posted by ZAKOH View Post

Let's drop foreign language, history, humanities, biology. None of this seem to be relevant to your goals.

Actually I don't have these in my major smile.gif
BTW. Funny thing, I'm glad I had Calculus, because 4 years later I'm reading a book "Art of Electronics" (making myself smart fan controller) and I was at the capacitor section. There was an equation I = C * (dU/dt) , and I was like "Wow, now I see"...
Butt still, I hate math... next week i have to present a report on the "Wilf–Zeilberger method of identity certification".

Back to my point, I want to say that disciplines that are irrelevant or mostly irrelevant to the major should be made non-compusotory. And the courses should add applications and examples to the agenda...
I'm sure if i didn't knew what is derivative I would have checked in the interwebz. But since we had them in high school I only had to read what Leibniz's notation is and the whole Calculus 1 course would have been meaningless...

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