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Originally Posted by DUpgrade View Post

I'm not sure what you mean by my GPU cooling, the GPU came with the DualX fans. What kind of temps are you getting using the stock cooling? Are you overclocking your GPU at all? At any rate the closest thing I can find for an aftermarket cooler for your GPU available in your country is

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme II VGA Cooler -3x92mm Fan, Fluid Dynamic Bearing, 900-2000rpm, 0.5dBA - For Nvidia GTX 680,670,580,570,560Ti,560SE, Radeon ATI 7870,7850,6970,6950,6870 - $89.85

Thumbs up for the AC range of GPU coolers, they are great and offer excellent cooling at low noise. However; remember that they are not an exhausting cooler, meaning you have a shed load more hot air to dump out of your case. If your H series is set up as exhaust then it's this warm air that you're sending through your rad.

I used to have the AC Accelero Xtreme for my HD 5970, can't remember exact figures but something like 30% loaded temperature drop at 20-40% of the noise level thumb.gif
Originally Posted by ADHDadditiv View Post

The H100 fits in my InWin Dragon Rider in the top. Requires slightly longer screws to do push pull or 1 set of slim fans. Will fit in push/pull with normal size 120mm fans with clearance to spare.
Originally Posted by Enely View Post

The H100i fits in my Thermaltake Chaser MK-i case, and it can be mounted on the top of the case or on the inside... the difficulty of attaching it to my CPU is another matter entirely. Lol

Great thread!!

Pics when you get a chance please gents!
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Fits 300R but along with the OP stating that ram might be an issue. If your mobo has large VRM heatsinks it may hit. Here's some recent shot's of a build I did for my wife. As you can see its a close fit.

Thanks fella, nice post!

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