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Originally Posted by lilchronic View Post

Originally Posted by megawatz View Post

I can't convince myself to get the CLP or the CLU, I don't see much in a point if my max temps reach 82c using IBT on air.

It never touches about 65c on gaming/prime95/folding.

I just don't see a point in it seeing that I already have a decently crappy chip.
why did u delid your chip and not put coolabs pro/ultra? i think that is the whole point of deliding its proven to be the best TIM for what we are doing.

I kinda agree with the guy. CLU/CLP is great but at $15+ it's a little too expensive. Would rather put that money towards something else honestly. I mean considering you can get a high end ceramique like masscool for under $4 for 1.5g.

Makes a nice birthday gift to ask for though. bday is coming up and people asking me what i want. i dont really want anything. i guess i could ask for clu but eh.
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