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Originally Posted by VonDutch View Post

Originally Posted by megawatz View Post

I can't convince myself to get the CLP or the CLU, I don't see much in a point if my max temps reach 82c using IBT on air.

It never touches about 65c on gaming/prime95/folding.

I just don't see a point in it seeing that I already have a decently crappy chip.

if your happy with the results you have now, then dont change it smile.gif
but like the others say, thats the best money theyve spent in pursuit of performance, temp wise..

AS5 on the die, 80C hottest core

Liquid Pro on the die, 55C hottest core

i like low temps, even if i would have a "crappy" chip, lower temps is always better

That's not really fair to compare CLP to AS5. I'd question how awesome CLP really is if you compare it to a modern, relevant paste. Comparing to AS5 is like saying "ivy bridge is the best chip I bought, you should definitely buy it over your sandy bridge, check out these before and after benchmarks I have of my ivy bridge against a pentium 2"

I wonder if something better than CLU/Indigo and PK3/masscool is out. The nature of TIMs, you dont hear about them until they become irrelevant (as5, clp). I think I'm gonna have to get some CLU - not because I want to, but because if I don't ask for something, my aunt will buy me another hideous sweater. I'll be sure to do a small fft test if/when i get it to really see how great it is (honestly I do expect a significant difference and yea i actually do think its a good value, a drop of 10*C over a high end modern paste like pk-3 maybe, i mean you'd pay premium $60+ for that kind of drop on just a heatsink upgrade).
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