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Hi guys,

This question I ask I know can be quite subjective, but I really cannot decide even after I've seen and read through many reviews and comparisons.

I am building a new machine and will be running semi-custom water loop on it using the XSPC D5 RX360 WC kit. However, I will only be cooling my CPU using it, not looking to cool my video cards any time soon.

I've seen review to say to cool JUST the CPU this RX360 is an overkill by far. And also EX360 would be a better idea for cooling CPU and one GPU.

My thought will be get the best I can for just the CPU so I can do extreme (over 5.0GHz) OCs (not sure if this qualifies as extreme) on a i7 3770K with ROG Maximus V Gene.

My other idea is to get a Corsair H100i and setup either single push or push/pull on it. This also applies to the XSPC kit (push vs push/pull).

So what I can't decide is, RX360 Kit with fans on one side OR both? EX360 Kit with fans on one side OR both? H100i with fans on one side OR both? To be honest, I am leaning towards the RX360 kit, except what I don't know is, whether there is a point where regardless of how strong the custom loop is (at room temp with no chiller), I won't get higher clocks? Or is it that if I pay for a better setup (ie RX360 kit with push pull), I will be able to squeeze a lot more juice out of my system? And also better for later expansion if needed.

Thanks in advanced
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