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So I have been messing around playing with some dry ice and a pot for my POS Evga 610 GT. What I am doing to this poor card is torture. But anyways while I was sitting in my dungeon looking at my 5lbs slab of dry ice I saw some snow try stuff on it, probably from sitting out.

So I got my duster and blew it off, then I decided to air dust the CO2. Well the air from the air duster is much hotter than the CO2 so it started to melt; turning into liquid CO2 puddle ontop the dry ice slab.

So I thought, thats cool I can melt the dry ice to CO2. Well this got me thinking instead of using acetone/isypropal/ever clear to put in the pot for better cooling. Why not just melt the dry ice in the pot to liquid CO2 and just let that boil?

So I did. I aimed my duster down inside my pot (no acetone in it) and melted all the dry ice. Which proceeded to boil and instantly start forming front on the entire card. Which once dried destroyed it I am pretty sure. (after work I will see if she is still alive)

Point is. Put dry ice as much as possible in your pot. Blow some hot air over it until it all metls. Now you have liquid CO2 cooling!

Lemme know if this is stupid. I think it worked great. No more smelly and explosive acetone. Can cool the entire pot without the issue of acetone and without the issue of dry ice not cooling air around itself sufficiently to chill the pot (thus the need for acetone).

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