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Originally Posted by Veedo View Post

I am pretty sure there is a few different bios revisions shipped with this card. mine is the as08.u3, switch away from crossfire connector. still need to check out the other switch position.

just rebooted, it appears I have voltage control now, but clocks are locked at 1125

edit: just ran occt gpu test, max voltage reported with gpuz was 1.17, so even though I had it set higher in gpu tweak, 1.17 was max.

edit again: appears that voltage is changing but gpuz is not reporting correctly. looking at my kill a watt while adjusting voltage there is a change in power usage. will have to do more testing later. still odd that your clocks are unlocked. when you get a chance could you check in gpu tweak settings > live update and post what bios version you are on?

My Bios is: 6798.

Unlock Voltage Monitoring within GPU-Tweak, That gives the correct reading.
Unfortunatly The Clock speeds are Limited in GPU-Tweak so i am forced to use MSI-Afterburner aswell.

Most software cannot detect the voltages on these cards, thus just present you with what a normal 7970 would be. hence the 1.17v

What i do is:
1. Open GPU-Tweak
2. Set voltages and press apply
3. Open MSI AB
4. Set Clocks and press apply
5. Open a game and then check back to MSI to see if clocks have stuck.
6. Check GPU-Tweak to see what Voltage reading is, if it has stuck to what i want then BINGO!

Originally Posted by spitty13 View Post

Is 1.35v safe to run 24/7 assuming everything can be cooled enough? I thought the generally accepted max "safe" power was 1.25-1.3volts
Well I don't know, My 24/7 clocks are 1200/1800 @ 1.260v, The DCII was built to be Overclocked and over volted hence the Massive VRM bank.

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