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Originally Posted by Veedo View Post

with the gpu tweak software, and my dc2 non top with AS08.U3 bios, I had voltage control. I think the bios Is where people are having such different luck with voltage control etc.

now, with my pursuit to get fastboot working I needed a uefi bios with gop so I flashed to this one found here
and voltage control is no longer an option, I have yet to try any other versions of gpu tweak. on the bright side, I now have a working uefi bios, and my card is seen a dc2t.

for anyone interested in this, you can check out the thread here, props to CPL0

edit: just installed gpu tweak and now I can set gpu and memory to 2000/9999, but yep you guessed it, voltage is locked to 1.18 max like usual. so it seems like its one or the other with this card. really asus, really? no seriously really?

I use a do to dvi adapter to get BIOS to show when on stock BIOS

Yea the new GPU tweak allows higher clocks but you loose voltage controls.... Which is very stupid.

I suggest you go back to stock BIOS mate and use a do to dvi plug

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