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Originally Posted by Kiracubed View Post

Just got 2 sets of the Corsair SP120 Quiet edition for a Push/Pull setup in my Corsair 650D...

And to my disappointment, they DO NOT fit! I have the bottom two fans screwed in fine, and it fits perfectly with just one pair of them bottom mounted. I placed the other two fans on top, and tried to fit it in, and it would not get in the right holes (inb4 that's what she said).

I'm using the Corsair 650D, tried to set up with the SP120 Quiet edition fans, and am using an ASRock Extreme 4 mobo.

Any suggestions on how to make it fit?

Also, in the chance it just won't, which option is best for one pair of fans? The bottom mounted fans in push (blowing upward), or pull (blowing downward into case)? I'm a bit of a noob with fans, and the SP120s don't have the arrows, but I suppose it's not needed since the back bracket is where it blows out from.

Have you tried posting that in the Obsidian thread? You could try offsetting the assembly toward the side of the case, but you should really check in the obsidian thread to see if someone else has done it.


The 650D isn't really made to do top push/pull with a rad.

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