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Originally Posted by stubass View Post

interesting thanks for the info smile.gif . for you and everyone else what type/pot would you go with for AMD??? i decided to start with AMD since it feels easier to begin on since does not suffer from cold bugs. i also do plan to bench intel down the track. BTW end of this month i plan to buy at least one pot. still open to suggestions.
Hey,check with some of the guys here on how the Marksman performs at full pot and at steady temps,I'm sure it be good but if you decide to go Kingpin the F1dark is a big mass pot very easy to use and would be a good alrounder platform pot.He also has a pot called Venom that is awesome,but F1dark is a very easy pot to learn on.I haven't tried the Marksman but I'm sure it be good and from what I've seen the Marksman works well on dice and acetone,I only use Ln2,the F1 will sit at any temp easy good for cb,cbb,oh and I love all pots each one works differently that's what I like,most of the top guys would have a F1 dark I'm sure at some stage
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