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Yeah I only use Gemini and venom for ivy Gemini and venom run colder temps too then F1 @ full pot ,but if you are running say 2011 platform @ say - 40 F1 be the one,you do have a point tho jjjc about the warm up if you CBB on ivy.I only use Gemini and venom on ivy but F1 is good beginner pot I IMO it reacts slow,easy too get the hang of things.Gemini is for people that are more advanced in Ln2 IMO,while I think Gemini is the best pot out there (I have two of them) I've seen a few beginners buy them and not like them and then sell them ,this is why also I recommend the F1 dark
Just so everyone knows CB is cold bug,this is where a chip won't pass any colder temps,so if your CPU has a CB at say -130 this is where you want a mass pot to stay at steady temps.A CBB is cold boot bug,this is where when you boot into your windows the CPU may not like to be any cooler then say-80,colder than this and it will not boot.So if you have a CPU with CB you want steady temps so this= mass pot,
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