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Hello there.
I have question regarding graphic card (my is Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 660 OC 2GB non-ti) and performance with Battlefield 3 (other games like Crysis 2, Max payne 3, black ops 2 performance is quite good). Far Cry 3 is getting me some headackes also with fps between 40-60 on med-high settings.
I don't understand why everyone with this graphic card (watched on youtube) have better performance on ULTRA settings when playing multiplayer then me on 1920x1080 and everything set on LOW and OFF.
With this settings I can barely keep +60 fps in certain maps, but my graphic card should run this on Ultra with 60fps+.
Is it problem with my PC (other hw components) perhaps?
It surely must be.. maybe CPU or RAM in degrading my performance, dunno that's why I'm asking you guys.
I tried almost everyting.. Overclocking the card even more (10+ Power, 70MHz+ to core gpu and 350MHz+ to memory) but I couldn't tell any major difference perhaps few FPS. And I must mention then sometimes overclock works well and sometimes it crashes my video driver the second I go into game (when map loading starts) so I have to reset my OC settings and play on stock ones.
The interesting thing is that Geforce Experience program wants to optimize my Battlefield 3 settings to ULTRA (then i'm getting 20-50fps-depends on map) from my current LOW settings. And for example on the other hand it also says that my computer doesn't meet minimum requirements for Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3 and want's to optimize everything to low and 1024x768 which is very strange because I can play both on MED settings and 1080p "quite good".
My system specs are:
HP Workstation xw4600
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 GHz,12 MB L2
8GB DDR2 (4x2GB) 800MHz ECC
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 OC 2GB
650W Power supply unit

Because it is HP workstation motherboard it does not allow me to install/plug my GTX graphic card to 16x PCI-E slot and I have it in 4x PCI-E slot to be able to boot up (bottleneck because of this is as far as I read on forums is barely visible maybe 2-3FPS -> I checked test&reviews).

What/where do you think my problem is? CPU or RAM too slow for this game, or perhaps something else?
What would u suggest replacing/modifying?
Perhaps new motherboard like Asus Rampage Formula 775 and manual overclock q9550 to higher frequency - which I read isn't simple by far.
2 Youtube videos with great performance of my graphic card:
I only wish that I would have this kind of performance :\
Sorry for this long post but I tried to explain my problem detailed.

Thanks for any help/advise you can provide to me.
Best regards,
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