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Changed my NH-D14 to the H80i in a Lian Li PC-7FNWX (window). I believe the layout of this case is very similar to the PC-7FN, except with a top 140mm fan hole.
As an intake at the top rear, push/pull.
DSC00317.JPG 320k .JPG file
You will need to remove the rubber grommets from the fan mounts. Otherwise the screw will not be long enough.
DSC00316.JPG 340k .JPG file
Once the push/rad is screwed in, don't forget to plug the 8-pin ATX power connector (ATX_12V_2X4/ATX on my mobo). Otherwise the pull fan will block installation later.
DSC00322.JPG 336k .JPG file
Another view, before installation of the pull fan and cooler block. Note the upsidedown D14 in background.
DSC00329.JPG 252k .JPG file
Rad too close to the top of the chassis.
DSC00330.JPG 256k .JPG file
Fixed by releasing back screws and dropping the push/rad ever so slightly.
DSC00334.JPG 320k .JPG file
Attachment of pull fan.
It might be a good idea to attach the miniUSB to the cooling block if the orientation of the block is the same as mine. With the pull fan installed, it might be ever so tight a space.
DSC00336.JPG 357k .JPG file
Finally finished. The tubings are indeed stiff but clear the RAM slots.
DSC00339.JPG 328k .JPG file
Another view to show clearance of RAM slots.

BTW should I be using the H80i as an exhaust? IE front bottom fan intake, H80i and top fan as exhaust? There are only 3 fan slots in the Lian Li PC-7FNWX.

Still it appears to be cooler than the D14, by about 4-5C, after 30 minutes of Prime95. Haven't had time to run it for 24 hours.

i5 3570K at 4.4GHz and 1.25V core voltage on GB mobo UD3H.

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