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Originally Posted by Aliff View Post

010 that makes the first $10 saving reporting in. Add me please. Tq.

ADDED! Thanks for picking up that number Im sure we are all happy about the $10 off!
Originally Posted by BBEG View Post

Satin black, smoky acrylic. Won't be as sexy as the black Aston, but it'll match the PPK. thumb.gif

The PPK is just as sexy some times wink.gif
Originally Posted by Aliff View Post

Mission Accepted.

010 is Satin Black. Still considering custom color before final confirmation.

I am wondering what other colors I should do as I ordered the grey for now but still thinking about it.

I hope I can find everyone that belongs to those numbers so that we can fill it up nicely for the owners list! What do you guys plan on doing for your HDD/SSD set up?

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