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CM wake up and release ver 2 already....

This case is beautiful, sturdy, has almost everything you would need in terms of features, removable motherboard tray...and the list goes on and on. Some things I would like to see in the new ver:

1. Same aluminum finish on the outside, steel on the inside
2. Removable Mobo Tray - Cant tell you how awesome this is and how helpful it is
3. Cable management holes with rubber pass through covers
4. Space for 2 x 360mm rads, maybe top and bottom or top and front
5. Movable HDD cages X 2, so that we can move rads around if required. Maybe each HDD cage can hold 3 HDD's
6. Dual PSU, with both at the bottom, but in a way that they are mounted sideways
7. Filters....removable or magnetic
8. Space for maybe a 60 mm rad with either push or pull. Push and Pull is not really required unless you are really crazy about temps. But please dont make the same mistake that was done on the Cosmos II
9. Different side panel mounting system from the original. The old one, with flimsy side panels left a lot to be desired.
10. Windows from day one.

Feel free to correct me or add to the list....
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