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I've used both the 030 bios and 032. My card came with the 030 bios. My experience of both as follows:

032 bios
Installing this bios and setting the power limit to +20, the card would throttle. Only around 60% gpu usage

030 bios
Power limit set to +20, the card did not throttle and would always perform at 90-100%.

Power limit set to 0% on both these bios', the card did not throttle, always performed at 90-100%

If you're still experience throttling I recommend setting Unofficial overclocking mode to without Powerplay support in Afterburner.

My Afterburner config may be of use to you, I have attached it. Replace the CFG in the Afterburner root directory.

I recommend MSI Afterburner 3.0.0 Beta 7 as it supports voltage control for tahiti cards.


MSIAfterburner.zip 1k .zip file
030 bios.zip 105k .zip file

For a stable 1200/1500 overclock, I need to set my voltage to 1.231V

I also recommend using Afterburners 3D/2D profile management, as pictured below.


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