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So I've been researching all of the Korean 27" IPS display options....
I see a lot of forum activity surrounding the Achieva Shimian QH270, Catleap Q270, QNIX QX2700, Crossover 27Q displays and MicroCenter's Auria EQ276W
I am quite concerned about the defect-rate for these builds relating to sleep-mode, blinking/flickering, DOA, input lag. I would also like to avoid glossy displays in favor of matte finish.

But it does not seem like there has been any discussion on the (new?) QNIX QX27 & X-STAR DP2710 2560x1440 matte IPS displays.
Has anyone had any experience with either of these two models? Looks like they are using Samsung PLS panels?? biggrin.gif
And are they HDCP compatible? I plan on passing the display through my home AV receiver.


Thanks! -d3d
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