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Don't try it, will not work... But if you test you'll loose screen and it will not work. Don't panic, just plug cable to other DVI port and back to original bios...

The only bios working with 7970 TOP is Matrix Bios, and you'll have extra voltage... 1175 to 1256, if you're lucky like me, you'll have extra 100Mhz. Check this;


This method is for Asus DCU II 7970 Top, and yes definetely works... I'm stable @1180Mhz. Voltage looks 1350-1.4, but still locked at 1.256V. Tested with crysis 3 2560x1400 High Settings with 30min, no crashing or any problem.

And dear ASUS, this is the last product from you... I could solve my problem but you left me alone and didn't care with your customers... You're trying to sell us expensive motherboards or more expensive video cards; like matrix.... Damn, we'll not buy them....

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