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Originally Posted by INCREDIBLEHULK View Post

Spent another $300 at performance-pcs, spent another $250 at frozencpu, spent another $20 at sidewinder computers.

Frozencpu - picks up the phone and replies to emails
performance-pcs - responds to emails, i didnt call due to being late at night
sidewindercomputer - wont email me my confirmation, wont process my order, noone picks up the phone and I get a flatline signal

I urge everybody and anybody not to place an order with this questionable website. Not only was my order small, imagine if i placed a $500 order to not receive a email that i placed it and noone pick up the phone when i call.. ridiculous

Geeze, overreact much? I've found that sidewinder is generally a day slower than some other sites, but they are just as reliable. IIRC it is run by a community member. I got my raystorm gpu block from them a couple weeks ago.

Anyway, to add to your list. www.svc.com has a more limited selection but they ship very quickly and have been very helpful over the phone. They have even directed me to their competitors when they are out of stock on something. www.jab-tech.com often has good prices. I've also ordered from them without any issues.

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