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Originally Posted by micul View Post

why don't you buy a small can of LET . Easier and faster to apply . Just use a little bit of eraser to seal the cpu area and you are good to go

Originally Posted by FtW 420 View Post

Gelid extreme is better, but ceramique will be fine for DICE temps. Do get gelid for full pot ln2 benching though.
If you will be buying DICE to use later the blocks last longer, 'rice' is better than pellets if it will get used right away. 10lbs should easily be enough for hours.
This is what I do. Dragon skin is fine for DICE, but full pot ln2 can make it crack up pretty badly, I generally just use LET now so it's fine for all cooling.
A good point, I've done it in a less than well ventilated area & didn't die but the acetone can give you a pretty brutal headache.
Agreed with the amount of acetone (I start with a not full shot glass), & not looking closely into the pot when pouring/adding DICE, stuff can spit out a bit.

I'll use Ceramiq then.

So It looks like both of you think I should use LET instead of eraser. Can you explain why? I'd be okay with putting LET on pretty much anything but my UP7 because I want it to stay looking really nice (unless you have really good reasons and I change my mind).

Yeah I'll open a window.
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