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If you want to keep it nice and clean, use eraser or dragonskin. Both peel off easy. Eraser is much harder to install (?!?) on the board then dragonskin which is incredibly easy. Dragonskin peels off easy as long as you take some measure to make sure some of the more sensitive openings (around the socket, PCIe slots etc) are filled with eraser or something else. LET can be tough to remove completely, if you have no plans on resell or not chance of RMA then generally I use LET.

Ease of installation : Dragonskin > LET > Vaseline > Eraser

Ease of Removal: Dragonskin > Eraser > LET > Vaseline

Effectiveness to -196C : LET = Eraser > Vaseline > Dragonskin

This is just my opinion of course. Mostly I avoid Vaseline because its easy to miss small spots when spreading and its quite the trouble to get rid of it. I use Dragonskin all the time if I'm doing DICE or Cascade, something less than -100C.

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