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I work where we use LN2 all the time, I live five minutes from our shop where the N2 bulker is parked (which I can drive! Wheee!!!)
My boss is pretty cool and would probably let me fill up a 40 liter rubbermaid tote behind the truck if I wanted. Sometimes we put some in pop bottles and blow them up just for fun.

I was thinking I could just submerge the entire motherboard in LN2 and just run the power into the tub and the cable for the monitor out to the display. Do you guys use pots because you just don't have enough LN2? or is this a bad idea for some other reason?

I haven't overclocked anything other than just clicking the turbo to "On" in my ASUS bios but I do have an i52500K and a P8P67-M motherboard.

And if I wanted to bring some LN2 home what would be the best way?

By the way if anyone around Calgary Alberta wants to get a hold of some LN2 I can probably help you out. I haven't asked the boss yet but like I said he's pretty cool about doing crazy stuff just for fun.
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